Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Public restrooms.  Ahhhhhh. Brings about a lot of feelings. Some people refuse to use them, some people manage.  I am in the latter group.  I don't have a choice for numerous reasons.  What really gets me, though, are the pigs that have used the bathroom before me.  I worked in an office building for many years. Many different offices shared the bathroom in the common area.  It was often so challenging and disgusting.  A woman would post a sign on the inside of each stall which read, "if you sprinkle, while you tinkle, please clean up after yourself."  Really?  That has to be written?  Apparently so.  I am certain that women in their own homes don't pee on the seat, drop toilet paper and towels all over the floor, leave the faucets running, forget to flush, etc.  What happens to women in public restrooms?  If everyone sat their precious rears down on the seat covered in tp or not, that would solve some of the problem.  Ladies, can you treat public restrooms like you would treat the bathroom in your friend's home?  Is that too much to ask?  Come on ladies!

In New York City, public restrooms bring their own challenges.  Try to find one.  It is a big problem in this town which hasn't been solved yet.  Starbuck's doesn't want people anymore to use their bathrooms unless they're patrons.  Can't really blame them, but there must be a way.  In these troubled economic times, charge a dollar to use the bathroom.  It helps defray costs and makes it still accessible. There are areas of this city, that are bathroom free.  I always threatened to write a book with where the W.C.'s could be found in this town, but then an app was made called "sit or squat" for your phones. Many stores in NYC do not have bathrooms.  Don't know how employees manage that.  In other US cities, it seems much easier to find bathrooms.  Here it is a challenge for tourists and dwellers alike. 

Of course, I have friends that I lovingly call, "camels" because they have never even been to a public bathroom.  Some of those same friends have never been to a bathroom outside their homes. It is absurd to me.  This may fall under TMI, but I am a "just in case" person so, though medical conditions do dictate, I would never think of leaving somewhere without visiting the powder room.  Wouldn't happen ever. Now, that I have railed against the messy, selfish women and the lack of restrooms in NYC, I have to excuse myself.

Sidebars: The first primary is finished and Mitt Romney won handily.  Now they are all off to South Carolina.  It looks like Mitt.  It's all depressing.  Suze Orman said today, it doesn't really matter who will be the President if Congress continues to remain deadlocked.  Ugh!  The Biggest Loser is quite amusing now that Bob Harper is feeling very competitive and threatened by Dolvett, the new trainer.  It's cracking me up. Dolvett has gotten under Bob's skin.  Hilarious!

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  1. Diana, you continue to write about things no one else will touch. You're becoming the voice of the subconscious, and I think it's great.