Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tebowing Out

Okay, now that the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow are out of the playoffs and their season is over, can you hear all the Republican candidates fluttering around him?  They all want Tim Tebow's endorsement.  The candidates all think that Tim Tebow's endorsement will really impact the religious right.  I hope and "pray" that Tim Tebow doesn't endorse any candidate.  He would get my respect if he stuck to what he knows, football and Jesus.  That's not to say that he is a dumb jock.  On the contrary, if he doesn't endorse a candidate, I will think he smarter than many.  

All the Republican candidates want his endorsement and exploit his religiosity.  I want Tim Tebow to hold his beliefs near and dear to his heart.  Don't stump for a Presidential candidate.  Don't let them take what is pure and turn it into their gain.  Clearly, Tim Tebow has a lot of people that love him in the evangelical world and any candidate would be thrilled to gain a nod from him.  I am just hoping that "Team Tebow" talk this through thoroughly before making a decision.  I am hoping the decision will be to enjoy the off season, make some money through marketing endorsements, and go to the gym.  If there is a God, let him keep his mouth shut.

Sidebars:  Not sure that I will ever get used to George Clooney with Stacy Kiebler. Really? And Jennifer Lopez, just when you are back on top, do you have to publicly date a "child?" You are a Mom.  Date whomever you want to but don't date a boy in his 20's and be photographed by paparazzi.  Life needs to be different this time around. The Bachelor...it's hard to keep watching.  I really hate women bashing women.  It's the lowest common denominator.  In last night's episode, a woman from two seasons ago showed up to try to win Ben, the bachelor, The women sharpened their knives and were so nasty and hateful.  They blamed her when, ladies, it's all on the producers.  

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  1. Lord knows you're right about Tim Tebow. I hope, in god's name, he does the right thing. (pun intended)
    About JLo - - isn't she just following in the footsteps of Demi? What the diff?
    The Bachelorette: really, isn't that kind of what it is designed to do? Hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure all that bitchiness is in the business plan.