Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Not in the Majority!

Really as I sit here watching the last ditch efforts for Iowa Caucus voters, I am feeling so utterly uncomfortable and dismayed.  How is it okay to invoke Jesus Christ during a political campaign?  I feel so unwelcome at times in my own country.  I do not believe in "our Savior, Jesus Christ."  I am not sure what I believe, but I know that I am not a Christian.  With each and every Republican candidate pandering to their constituents, it has become a revival meeting.  

There is a reason that our founding fathers wanted a separation of Church and State.  It makes complete sense that reason would lead the country not beliefs.  Clearly, over the past few decades, this has been challenged and whittled away. The more that "God" is invoked the more uncomfortable I feel.  Look, I don't care what anyone believes, but I do want people's beliefs to be a private thing.  Religious beliefs are so deeply personal and when the believers start spouting and using their religion, it feels so misused.  There is an air of those big huge multi millionaire Televangelists running for President. It feels like the exploitation of power and love. I am not that comfortable with Tim Tebow's public display of prayer during a football game.  Regardless of his personal intent, the people take it, trash it and distort it for their own purposes. It sells newspapers and bumps television ratings. 

Though we are supposed to have Freedom of Religion, it really isn't.  I was shocked to find out that Christians don't trust Mitt Romney because he is Mormon.  We spent years hearing that Obama is a secret Muslim.  Really?  What difference does it make?  If everyone just lived by the Golden Rule, the country would be so much healthier.  The hypocrisy among the  religious right is palpable.  I know that I live in the big city and may be out of touch with the "heartland," but I know how it makes people feel not to be included.  Being left out is a terrible feeling and I will say it again and probably again and again: Get the Jesus out of politics!  This is the United States of America

Sidebars:  The Iowa Caucus results are in: a dead heat between Romney and Santorum.  How decisive.  The Bachelor began it's 31st season on Monday night with another group of gorgeous and whack job women.  Even a possible lesbian subplot!  More later. The Biggest Loser began again and even I, a devotee, thinks that sometimes the producers are just mean.  I love the transformations but I am really tiring of the challenges/temptations. 


  1. DITTO. I am with you on this 102%. It makes me feel manipulated, like I am bad if I don't outwardly show how awesomely religious I am. LOOK AT ME I AM SO PIOUS. It's embarrassing. Icky. Rude to the rest of the world who isn't a believer in Christ. Ummm didn't the bible say somewhere NOT to toot your own horn...or you should do good things QUIETLY? Don't these people read that book all the time?? AGH!!!

  2. This is a great statement, and a brave one, too. How gutsy of you to say what so many must be thinking but are afraid to share. I think you ought to start selling bumper stickers saying "Let's Get the Jesus Out of Politics."
    I'd buy one. I just don't know if I'd have the guts to shout it out, like you.

  3. brava. I'm so sick of the whole religious thing. And I have so much to say about it, but I won't. Needless to say, I totally agree with you! grrrrrrrrr