Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Peace

It's Saturday, January 21st and we are having the first snow of this winter.  It's the first snow since the freakish winter storm of October.  It's beautiful. For some reason snow stills the city. Normally you have to be up at 4am to hear the stillness of NYC, not when it snows. There's an inner peace that pervades the entire community.  There is a quiet beauty that envelopes Manhattan and it is a very short window because the doormen and store owners are shoveling the sidewalks and the sanitation workers are clearing the streets immediately. Watching the tiny specks of white blowing every which way outside the window does feel like we are all living in a snow globe for a short time. 

It's curious to me that snow takes on a whole different character than rain in terms of sound or lack there of.  It can be snowing and if you didn't hear the snow plows or look out the window, you'd never know it.  Rain is loud here. I can here it on the wheels of the cars even on the 12th floor. If it's windy too, it is slapping up against the windows. I have the dirty windows to prove it. There is an inner peace to snow.  The whole city shifts and changes. On a weekday, the kids are all praying for snow days, the parents are all praying for school. When it falls on a weekend, it is particularly relaxing. No time constraints or commitments. Tranquil. 

Sidebars:  One of the best and most fascinating shows returned last night: Shark Tank.  If you haven't watched it, it is both entertaining and educational.  5 incredibly successful business people are the "judges."  People with business ideas and innovations pitch to the judges and ask them to invest their money to help get their businesses to the next level.  The art of negotiating is well worth the viewing.  The judges are cutthroat to the entrepreneurs and to each other, but also the products and ideas are worth the time.  Tomorrow are the two final football games to decide which teams are going to the Super Bowl. Go Niners!  Go Ravens!  Here's to a Harbaugh brothers Super Bowl!  

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  1. beautiful beautiful di! love your description of snowy manhattan. I love it. nothing like it. i have the best memories of days like those! great prose, my dearest!
    thanks for the shark's tank heads up - grabbed it and will watch it soon.
    rooting for the 49ers!! go forty-f*%kin-niners!!!!
    wish we were watching together! xoxxox