Friday, December 30, 2011

Throwing Up, Out 2011

As I sit here pondering the end of 2011, it all seems peaceful.  If I look back at the year, it seems like a fairly good year, personally.  If I pull out and view it in its entirety, not so good.  A lot of trials and tribulations throughout the world in 2011.  A friend posted a JibJab video recapping the year on her Facebook page and by the end, I could barely breathe.  Even my child said to me, "what a sad year."  (

Politics and politicians are completely draining and disheartening. The Arab Spring is both exciting and unnerving. Where will it all end?  The financial world seems to be exactly the same for the haves, the 1%.  Doesn't seem that with all the scandals and collapses they skipped a beat.  The 99% are still struggling. Some loudly, some quietly.  The constant debate during elections about pro-choice/life, evolution, family values, religion, kills me.  Stop it!  
Stop the obstructionism.

The movies this year have been very disappointing.  The NY Times business section last week wrote about how the numbers are down.  Think about that.  Numbers are down, as tickets cost more.  Maybe the studios need to re-set just like Congress.  Stop 3D movies.    Interesting that Mission Impossible is doing so well during the holidays.  I think it's been #1 for 3 weeks. A seemingly summer movie release, released at the holidays.  It's working, go figure.  

We lost some incredibly great celebrities.  Though most that died lived long lives, it never seems time.  I am always saddened by the losses.  I am also thoroughly surprised when all the programs do the "In Memoriams."  Some deaths I remember as clear as day, others are a surprise, and others seem long ago.  I don't want to name names because undoubtedly I will forget important people. 

So as 2011 comes to an end, take a moment to look back and if it was a good year for you, close your eyes and take a moment.  If 2011 was a crappy year for you, take a deep breath and look forward.  2012 is coming so soon.  Be safe, happy and healthy in the coming year! 

Sidebars:  Big mistake for Kelly Clarkson to tweet her endorsement for Ron Paul.  No win in that for her and then she had to back pedal.  Just vote in the booth.  Guiliana Rancic.  I am not a fan, but I have gained a lot of respect for her since she announced her bout with breast cancer.  I am sure she is looking forward to 2012.  To everyone:  Happy New Year!

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