Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nothing Is Common

When I began writing this blog, I started by saying that I am from the party of common sense.  Since that day, I feel that I am alone on the island of common sense.  What the hell is happening in Washington?  Why is there any politician not protecting those that need them most?  Is that one of the functions of government? Am I wrong?  Isn't government supposed to protect us?  I am not saying that we aren't also supposed to be responsible for ourselves, but sometimes s**t happens.  If I lose my job, can't put food on the table, pay my rent, care for my kids, isn't government there to help?  Hasn't it been that way since the Great Depression?  We have unemployment insurance, food stamps, and other programs to give a helping hand.  If government guts all the programs that have helped the masses with cuts, after cuts, after cuts, what's going to happen?  I do think that politicians in DC are out of touch, self motivated, and share no risks.  If they vote not to extend the payroll tax cuts, does it affect any politician?  What is the take away?  I know that many want to revoke Obamacare. What's it to them?  They all have great healthcare provided by the taxpayers for their "service."  Maybe we have made the job of Senator or Congressman too cushy.  Maybe they need to live on salary alone like most Americans?  No perks, no free healthcare.  Maybe they should spend more time with their constituents instead of in DC.  

The other night watching the Republican debate, the take away for me is that Ron Paul makes the most common sense.  He's plain spoken and direct.  I presume he is the Barry Goldwater of our time. I was a tad young to know Barry Goldwater in his heyday. Ron has been around forever.  He probably has no chance, but like Bernie Sanders, he is a very important voice to have.  He marches to his own drum.  He is probably more Libertarian than the Republican party of today, but he speaks out and not just to hear his own voice.  

Why is Washington bending over backwards to help the richest people in this country?  I don't understand how that is a winning strategy.  I know that many voters tend to vote against their own best interest, which is a whole other set of issues.  Why would you vote for representatives that don't want to raise taxes for the richest Americans?  Why would you vote for people that keep cutting important programs for Vets?  Why would you vote for anyone that only cares about the micro-world and not the whole?  Believe me, I know that these are all rhetorical questions. There are no answers.

Sidebars:  The New York Post reported that Derek Jeter is playing the field now that he is a bachelor.  The parting gift is a signed baseball and a limo ride home.  If he'd have an old lady, I'm in.  The X Factor backlash on Nicole Scherzinger continues. It will be interesting to see what happens to her and the show. The Biggest Loser finally is tonight!  Enjoy your Tuesday, wherever you are.

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