Friday, December 9, 2011

X Doesn't Mark the Spot

Nicole Scherzinger should lose her job immediately on the X Factor.  Up until last night, she was just annoying.  A thorn in Simon Cowell's and my side.  Last night, she took it to a whole other level.  If you have never seen the show, elimination night is a tad annoying from the outset.  The home audience votes someone off and then, the two other low vote getters, must sing for their life to stay. Then each judge, makes the decision whom they'd send home.  If it is one of your "team" members, clearly the vote goes to your singer. So last night it was between the stellar, thirteen year old singer, Rachel Crow, and the sometimes really good, Marcus Canty.  They each sang their survival songs.  Having watched this show for most of the season, I can tell you that Marcus often doesn't sound good while I am sitting in my family room watching and listening.  Sometimes, the two women (Nicole and Paula Abdul) go on and on and on and on how special and gifted he is. I seldom feel that way about him.  When he sings for his survival, he definitely is at his best.  Now, Rachel Crow on the other hand...she is special. She is deeply talented for her thirteen years.  I would dare to say that she is wise beyond her years.  Maybe she has had past lives.  Her voice is amazing.  If the judges sit there and say she has a future, I don't think it's B.S.

So, let's go back to Nicole and last night.  They both sang. Marcus was better than usual. Rachel was incredible. Brought down the house.  The judges voting begins.  L.A. Reid chose to send home Rachel because he mentors Marcus.  Simon chose to send home Marcus because he mentors Rachel. Paula hems and haws and then chooses to send Marcus Canty home.  So, the vote is two for Marcus to go and one for Rachel.  Nicole is sitting in her chair, teary, on the verge of sobbing.  "I can't decide,"  "I can't make this choice (sob, sniffle, sob)."  During her teariness, Rachel asked if she could say something to Nicole.  Rachel told Nicole it's okay either way.  So, Nicole, a judge mind you, decides to take the cowards way out.  If she makes it a tie, then the singer with the fewest votes, goes home.  She votes (sob, sob) to send home Rachel. It's two and two.  Steve Jones, the dullest host trying too hard on TV, gets the envelope.  He opens it and reads the name of the person going's Rachel Crow. She crumbles to the ground in deep sobs.  Nicole is sobbing at the judges table.  Both are inconsolable, except for one difference. Nicole did this because she was such a bloody coward.  Disgraceful.  I have watched a lot of these competition shows and never seen anything like this.  The pain was palpable.  Her mother came out on stage to try to help her.  It really was awful.  I can't imagine that Simon will ever speak to Nicole after that and for the sake of the viewing audience, she should be sent home herself.  She isn't a good judge and she absolutely proved it last night. Steve Jones tried to get a comment from Nicole and the live audience booed her and she refrained. The wrong person was sent home.  Can't wait for The Voice.

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  1. She is not just an a##hole, she is the whole ass. Was waiting to watch before responding. Just saw and fully confirmed my opinion about her. She's so stupid and a bad actress, even though she can cry on cue. I never get too upset about these things but what a futile waste of botox.