Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This week is a definite ruminating week.  Brain going too fast and much mulling over of the past and future.  This week I am not spending at all in the present.  Spent an incredible 3 hour lunch with a former colleague.  The anticipation after not seeing him for ten years brought up so many different memories and feelings.  During the time together, it felt completely comfortable.  It didn't feel like it had been ten years.  It didn't feel like we only had the past in common.  There was much catching up to do and hard to finish one tale at a time.  I think that both of our brains were spinning fast and every story reminded us of something else.  There were things that I didn't know that happened at work or did I block things out?  We spoke about our current lives: relationships, travels, work, children, pets, homes, families, etc.  Things for both of us have only improved in the decade since we were together.  Quality of life issues and all.  When lunch began, it was bright out.  When we got up from the table to say our goodbyes, it was that early darkness of winter. Time flew by.  We spoke of future plans. Here's to the next time.  

In the back of my mind though, I knew I had so much to do.  I offered and wanted to proofread my husband's book. I am a stickler for typos and misspellings.  Low tolerance and it's all around.  I have had ample time, but somehow the time has been slipping by.  Instead of just doing it, I have been thinking about it. Procrastinating.  I am sure that I won't find anything and that is probably why I have put it off.  The pressure is on, the deadline is here, and what am I doing?  I am writing about it, have to pick up new glasses, and I am going to a JV basketball game.  I will get it done, but now I feel the weight and the guilt.  The deadline is Friday and the release date is early March. I will be shouting it from the Twitter tops, the Facebook pages, the email blasts, and the street corners.  It is very thrilling and exciting.  I am very proud and in many ways, can't imagine what the feeling must be.  When he holds the finished product in his hands for the first time, the new book smell, and it's his....

Sidebars:  The Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids Fall fundraising period ended.  Though Billy Elliot took the prize for the most money made with it's cast of thousands, Hugh Jackman got a special award for his fundraising because he raised more than double of every other Broadway show.  Hugh is the man!

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  1. what a gift to catch up with an old friend and find such comfort! Beautiful description of your lunch, Di.
    Can't wait for the book!