Monday, December 12, 2011

National Criminal Allegations Association

Ah, the NCAA.  The all mighty powerful boys club that runs college sports.  The overlord that charges universities for recruiting violations year in and year out.  Did you see The Blind Side or read the book?  Ah, what a great example of a moral dictatorship.  The NCAA that were all over the players at Ohio State University for selling their bowl rings for money so they could get tattoos.  What a terrible thing; sell your own items for something you'd rather have.  Dang!  Slap them down fast for such an infraction.  Done.  USC (the school I loathe more than any other) was taken down for football because their then star, Reggie Bush, received some fabulous perks from boosters so he could live a better quality of life while making zillions of dollars for the university and the NCAA. POW!  You're out and we are painting over any memory of you at USC.  

So, where is the NCAA on rape?  Do you hear anything?  Wait, what?  Crickets.  That's all I've heard since the allegations against Jerry Sandusky and Penn State have come to light. Crickets.  Did you hear about the assistant coach at Syracuse? ESPN had the story years ago and chose not to investigate.  Now, ESPN is all over the whole pedophilia angle in sports. Way to go.  The money that the overlords are making means more than upsetting the apple cart, it seems. After we take our collective showers to scrub off the stank from these horrifying crimes against our children, where do we go from here?  

As a parent, I have often been accused of being too careful and cautious about adults with my children.  As long as I can remember, we taught our children to never be alone with an adult, even if it is their own teacher.  How horrible!  What an incredibly pathetic mantra to pass on to our children. And yet, everyday since the Sandusky alleged rapes have surfaced, there are more disgusting details, new adult criminals charged in other schools or organizations, and we are all hearing the unseemly details.  Just this weekend, a head of the AAU Boys Basketball organization is charged with sexual molestation when he was a coach.  Do you know how many kids go through that system?  Thousands upon thousands.  So what do we do as parents?  How do we balance a child's hunger and desire for sports and keeping them safe from criminals and sick minds?  I don't have an answer.  I really am at a loss.  

Sidebars:  The Amazing Race finale was totally anti-climatic. Letdown.  Watching the episode of Homeland last night, we all needed xanax to get through it. Tim Tebow.  Happy for him that he is such a believer, but do people really think God has time to help the Broncos win games?  Enjoy your Monday, winding down to winter break. 

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  1. LOL..

    short time (given how long the blog has been up) reader, long time fan...

    Brilliant point on the NCAA's moral vacuity. But it's no surprise as they are in the business of keeping themselves in business and they are scared business will shortly turn bad. Bill Simmons has had some clever points along that line.

    As a complete non-believer I'm also a Tebow fan. He has said (reference needed) that he does not believe God helps any particular team - instead he thanks God when he wins. And, to be fair, he's set some things on their ears in terms of football dogma (a different kind of religion to which I subscribe).

    It's a difference I appreciate as I work my way towards the Hell of whatever religion eventually wins. ^^

  2. ok - I'm reasonably sure that this is your BEST EVER blog! A+++++
    You nailed every bit of it. Just awesome.
    as an aside - has anyone but me felt that sandusky seems like he has a below-normal IQ? I mean when he talks, the expressions on his face. I'm not excusing him IN ANY WAY - just an observation. I feel like his arms must drag on the ground. Thoughts?
    Anyway, thanks for putting so succinctly the things that rattle around in my brain. again.

  3. The NCAA is a bunch of spineless wimps. And nobody in the press is willing to take them on. they're all looking for a free lunch. Makes you want to throw up.