Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm Just Wild About Harry!

Harry Morgan.  I can't say that I am devastated that he died.  He lived 96 years and brought hours of joy and talent to the big and small screen.  You might think, "how odd that I care about Harry Morgan."  Harry Morgan is one of my earliest childhood memories.  When I was 4 years old, I was sitting with my Mommy watching Pete and Gladys.  Does anyone else remember that old show?  There was a breaking news report.  It was the first time of many to come that interrupted my show.  I was 4, I didn't understand.  President Kennedy was assassinated.  All I understood was that my show was interrupted.  Pete was no longer on the screen entertaining me.  I honestly don't have any memory about what my Mom was doing?  I just remember that I was mad.  I didn't want the news. I wanted Pete and Gladys. (Interesting that my kids were 4 when 9/11 happened.  Big world events at such a young age).  

I always loved Harry Morgan.  He was comfort food for me.  I loved Dragnet. I loved M*A*S*H. I always get a kick out of watching a movie and there he is.  He was one of the most affable of actors.  I keep going back and forth between is and was because the one incredible thing about being an actor in film and television is that he/she never totally dies.  The body may be gone, but we can still enjoy hours and hours of entertainment.  Harry Morgan's voice, unmistakable.  Distinctive and warm. Even though he may have played a curmudgeon sometimes, he was the sweetest most adorable curmudgeon ever.  Harry Morgan, you may be gone, but you will live on forever in all the roles you graced us with. 

Sidebars: The New York Post is reporting that they are in talks with Ryan Seacrest to take over for Matt Lauer. Please say it ain't so.  It can't happen.  Besides, he would have to take a huge pay cut so it probably won't happen.  The X Factor is down to five this week.  Can I say that Nicole Scherzinger is the superlative queen?  Every body is amazing, God's gift, a huge star, so deep, so honest, the best since ___________, the next _________________.  Really?  Come on, Nicole, you may be an incredibly nice person, but you have got to learn how to critique. There can't be two Paulas.  Casting thought: if they do the life story of Newt Gingrich, who better than Alec Baldwin?  

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  1. I really think that you and I are the only ones that remember Pete and Gladys! I loved that show also and even though it was only on for 2 years, it clearly made a deep impression on both of us. I wonder whatever happened to Gladys? Anyway, yes, Harry Morgan was just a pleasure to see on screen - I love the word affable. So, RIP Harry and thanks for the memories.