Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not "Glee"-ful

Glee's Christmas episode really left me speechless.  I was mocked by some that "me speechless" is dubious, but I am still shaking my head. I am not totally sure why it hit me so off kilter.  I have been a faithful viewer through good episodes and less than good episodes since Glee began airing.  This particular episode seemed like a throwback to times when stereotypes were accepted wholeheartedly.  

Filming the episode largely in black and white, having the actors speak very carefully and distinctly, all gave it the 1950's feel.  I cringed at the stereotypes that Kurt, the young gay man, loved Liz Taylor so much that he wanted to bid on Elizabeth Taylor's jewels.  I cringed when Rachel, the diva and Jewish, gave her financially struggling boyfriend, Finn, a long list of what she wanted for Christmas.  Really?  Christmas?  Why bother bringing up religion at all in the series, if you are going to toss it out at will.  Inexplicably, two lead characters were left out of the B&W portion of the show.  It was curious.  It seemed like it was either a financial decision by producers or the actors were busy the day of the shoot.  

I don't think I can do it justice in words why I felt creeped out by the episode.  It didn't feel right. Ridiculously, it felt exclusive like the old Christmas shows used to make me feel.  Such an odd feeling.  The whole episode was so bizarre.  I don't think that I was alone in that feeling either.  Okay, so if you saw it and have feelings or opinions, I'd love to hear.  

Sidebars:  American Airlines is ridiculous for considering tossing 30 Rock off their in-flight entertainment.  Boys in the sandbox. The Biggest Loser season finale was fascinating, as always.  The dramatic changes in the contestants from the inside and the outside are astonishing.  Great inspirations.  Shockingly, it all begins again in 3 weeks.  
If you have time to read more, read the article that I have linked here.  It is well worth the read:

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  1. not having seen the show I'm quite curious as to what you are up in arms about. I'll have to pick your brain to get more. certainly there seems to be a lot of reaction to the show, both positive and negative. . .wish I could comment more intelligently. But I can't.

  2. Funny how we get attached to these characters and are bummed out when they don't "deliver." In truth, aside from the weirdness of Jewish Rachel talking so much about Christmas, the episode was just BAD. Not funny. Too mannered - but without enough self awareness to be kitschy.
    Just bad.
    Oh well.