Monday, February 27, 2012

Time Zones Make a Difference

Let me be perfectly clear, starting the Oscars at 8:30pm is too late.  The Academy Awards celebration is so drawn out and dry.  We have already had the flawless, talent driven only, Golden Globes.  We also sat through the two hour SAG Awards, where actors celebrate themselves.  We have heard so many thank you speeches. We have read about the DGA Awards, The Writers Guild Awards, BAFTA, etc. By the time we get to the Oscars, we are tired and there are few surprises.  

Billy Crystal did a wonderful job hosting. The fact that it goes on ad infinitum, is on the producers, Brian Grazer and Don Mischer. Cirque du Soleil?  Really?  Is it necessary?  Maybe the producers should have to watch the show on the east coast.  There is a huge difference of tolerance level between watching television from 5:30-9pm and 8:30pm-midnight.  It can't be compared.  Those of us on the east coast are tired, have to worry about work or school the next day, and want to be entertained.  Those on the west coast can have fabulous parties, eat, drink, and still be in bed by 11pm.  May I say it again?  Huge difference. 

The Globes and the SAG Awards have spoiled us by not having technical awards. They move fast. It's one TV or movie actor after another.  All recognizable. No art direction, sound editing, short film, etc.  All wonderfully important, but not interesting to watch unless you are in Hollywood. I think the producers need to get out of the Hollywood bubble, step back, and see how those losing sleep are affected.  I am also certain that the highest ratings are in Los Angeles and go down from there as you go further from the epicenter. 

The Oscars have a problem. Maybe the Oscars need to start at 6pm on the east coast, like the Super Bowl.   Maybe the ennui wouldn't set in so early on the east coast. Maybe the Oscar producers should take a page out of the Grammy producers play book. Then, everyone can have fun and be in bed by 11pm. 

Sidebars: I have bemoaning the hold that Nike has over sports and the youth of America for decades. Phil Mushnick from the New York Post wrote his column today about Nike, and I only wish I'd written it. I couldn't have said it better and expresses why I find it hard to stomach or support Phil Knight or the company. It is well worth the read:

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  1. oh god, we only get ONE show live here. . .don't take that away from us. :)