Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day, again

It's February 2nd, otherwise known as Groundhog Day.  When I turned on the TV expecting to hear if Puxatawny Phil saw his shadow or not, I experienced another Groundhog Day.  Donald Trump is blowing hot air and going to endorse Mitt Romney.  It's so funny, because when I think of Donald Trump I picture those fireplace tools that help blow air. Do you know what I am talking about?  Having never known the name of that particular tool, I looked it up.  How fabulously apropos.  They are called bellows.  I am guessing that is how we got the term bellowing, but if I were an animator (Some of my dearest friends are) I would draw Donald as a bellow.  He almost looks like it in human form.  There is such an incredible overblown sense of self, it's no wonder that they like each other.  Though, on the other hand, it's amazing there is room for both of their egos in the same television frame. 

I believe that I have ranted before about my love/hate relationship with Donald Trump.  He is the definition of narcissism walking, but has turned his narcissism into good television with Celebrity Apprentice.  I was wavering whether I would watch it this season.  I hate to support him in any way, shape, or form, but they put together a train wreck of "celebrities."  I thought, "okay, they are drawing me back in with the kooky casting." But then Trump has to insinuate himself back into politics and it makes my skin crawl.  The man is an educated man, went to Wharton, has manipulated the world of real estate to make him an even bigger success than his Daddy, had a hand in raising good kids, but then he starts spewing from his mouth total BS about Obama.  I am actually thinking he can't stand it on the sidelines so he will say anything to get a camera in his face.  I don't believe anything that he bellows.  I just wish that the cameras wouldn't shine on him and he wouldn't be considered newsworthy.  Maybe if no one watches Celebrity Apprentice and the show is cancelled, the lights will dim around him.  Please, if there is a God, let it be so!

Sidebars:  Finally watched The Bachelor from Monday. Though I am totally clear that it is one of the lowest to the ground group of people, each and every year, this group may be the lowest of the low.  The Bachelor, Ben, is looking bad.  We have got to FF to the end. I will leave it at that. Anne Curry on the Today Show, slipped and said Regis Philbern.  Why couldn't she correct herself and say Philbin? She interviewed Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill yesterday morning.  She asked Jonah Hill how he'd feel if he won?  Really?  Great question. Saw a trailer for the HBO movie, Game Change, and can't wait to see it air. Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin! Enjoy Groundhog Day: 6 more weeks of winter.

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