Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Tarnished Movies

If my children are any indication of the future of "going to the movies," movies are in trouble. One child had no interest in watching the Oscars and the other watched and was complaining how expensive it is to go to the movies. In our family we decided that the kids should start to learn about money and managing it, so we give them a monthly allowance. It is supposed to cover all things that aren't necessities.  That means they have to pay for their own movies. Here, in NYC, movies cost $13.50 and, if you see a 3D movie, $17.50.  That's just to walk through the door.  That is a lot of money. One child, doesn't think it's worth it to spend that amount of money. The other child, just doesn't get there at all.  

There are too many other choices, many free. There's TV, movies on demand, streaming, computers, Xbox, Wii, video chat, Face Time, iPads, Kindles, iPods and that's just some of choices.  I didn't even count old fashioned fun such as board games, cards, books, conversation, naps, eating, etc.  The competition is fierce for entertainment hours. I think that movies may lose out in the end.  

What used to be a social night out when I was a child, is fading. I never hear the kids say we have to go to opening weekend for such and such a movie or I can't wait for the opening of _______________________.  It is a social occasion that seems to be fading and I am not sure the studios will get it back. It's so interesting that the vast majority of moviegoers and Academy Award viewers are over 50.  That's not a great trend for the longevity of the film industry. Maybe the filmmakers should make fewer movies and make better quality.  

There are movies that the kids show up for, like The Hangover and Hangover 2. Quality? I think not. Cheap laughs? Yes. Though, I know so many people that hated Hangover 2. Yet, it made so much money, we have Hangover 3 to look forward to. Really? I am digressing and probably contradicting myself all over the place.  This isn't linear.  I don't have the answers to the movie problem. I just can see that the Hollywood bubble doesn't recognize there is an issue. It's that old myth, throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks.  It's probably always been that way, but the stakes are higher, so there needs more thought. 

Sidebars:  Not really a Spoiler Alert for The Bachelor viewers. Ben is too stupid and really deserves whatever he gets.  Warned and warned and warned.  Did he not see Jake and Vienna?  Jake was warned by all the girls. How did that work out Jake?  Yeah, I thought so.  Hard to take and hard not to watch.  Rubbernecking.  The Voice doesn't disappoint. Love it and love it more.  If you only watch one singing show, watch The Voice.  It has the most value and the best talent. I can't speak about politics right now. Maybe after the Michigan and Arizona primaries.  It is making me sick. 

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  1. Now that seniors are paying close to $10 to get in the door, they're going to thinking twice about what they see, too.....by the way, I never knew that "napping" was a fun group activity. I'll have to try it.