Friday, February 17, 2012

Flag Rules

With the death of Whitney Houston, the media and fans have not stopped talking about their feelings, memories, and ways to honor her.  Governor Chris Christie gave Whitney the ultimate honor by ordering the flags to fly half-staff.  I don't have any idea how to feel about that. I feel like I need a list of all the people that came before to see how it matches up. I always felt it was saved for Presidents, heroes, astronauts, etc. I don't recall the flags flying half-staff for an entertainer or musician.  Can anyone?  It feels a bit odd to me, but I can be swayed with evidence and persuasion that it is the right way to go. It's just that if you start with singers, actors, musicians, artists, then where does it stop?

In New York, we suffered another great loss. Gary Carter, the great Hall of Fame catcher, World Series Champ with the Mets, died of brain cancer yesterday at the young age of 57. Gary Carter led an exemplary life. He was one of the great New York Mets where talent outshined ego. Gary Carter was a role model that parents could be proud of: no scandals, no poor behavior, just his great smile, leadership, and catching.  He let his field play speak for itself. 

Does Governor Andrew Cuomo order the flags to fly half-staff for him? If we choose to honor great talent when it passes, the flags will never fly high in the sky again. There will be no end to the passing of great people in their different fields. So maybe that is my answer. Maybe I don't think that the flags should be flying half-staff for Whitney Houston, no matter how great her talent.  

Sidebars:  It is President's Weekend.  A long weekend for all. Some have the entire week off, but we just have four days. Wishing all a wonderful weekend wherever you are or whatever you are doing. Take a moment to think about President Lincoln and Washington. I am so old. I remember when we separated their respective birthdays and celebrated each of their contributions to this country. Now, we go for practical vacation time. Enjoy!

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