Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Timing off

Facebook is driving me to distraction.  I hate change for change sake.  So far the recent "improvements" to Facebook, just seem dumb. Maybe the good people of Facebook are bored and this is their answer to boredom.  "Let's shake things up and confuse everyone."  And really, who is reading the tutorials.  The Facebook users just want to read things from friends, play games, and see which of their friends are self promoters.  I find it so interesting what people post and what people think other's will find interesting.  If FB would just block all the side bar ads, I'd be so happy.  Have you ever clicked on any of those and they give you 7 choices to tell them why you want to block the ad. The one choice they don't give you is "don't care" or  "don't want to see."  It is so annoying. No, Facebook brains want to keep changing our "walls."  They now have lists and rate your friends.  I hate that too.  Just something else that mucks up the page.  Really, Facebook people, if you are bored, re-decorate your offices don't re-decorate our walls. 

Another and much greater disaster are the brains behind the changes at Netflix.  Can you imagine sitting around the conference room table and brainstorming?  Someone says, "Hey, I have an idea, let's raise the cost for streaming and DVD monthly rentals by 60%."  Now, I was an avid Netflix fan for many years. Hopped on the bandwagon early on and as of August 31, hopped off.  A million other people hopped off too.  Netflix stock plummeted last week and has continued to take a hit.  When I say plummeted, I mean it went down 50%.  Makes me laugh, a little, that this is where we, the people, can make our voices heard.  I actually can't remember such a huge corporate misstep. I am sure there have been, but the higher ups really miscalculated the strength of their market position.  The outrage on the internet when Netflix announced the price hike was palpable.  There was an uproar. Maybe Netflix is taking the heat for all the companies that have been screwing the public. To quote Peter Finch in Network, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore." It was the easy protest. Hit the cancel button on the Netflix website.  They make it so easy. Don't have to speak to anyone. Just move the cursor over "cancel my subscription."  Done.  So, shouldn't someone get fired for this corporate cataclysmic misstep?  You'd think so, wouldn't you?  It doesn't seem to work like that anymore. And, if someone does get fired, they get the largest golden parachute so it's more like "woohoo!" The average person not high up in corporate America, doesn't get it.  If you do a crappy job, you should get fired, and don't let the door hit you on the way out, but in today's CEO a bad job for the company, get fired, and get stinking rich.  

Ah, America.  


  1. Another incredible insightful rant!
    Haven't been on FB for days so I'm catching up
    On all that. Love your take as usual! xo