Wednesday, September 7, 2011

If you could live in my mind....

If you could live in my mind, you would realize that I have so many thoughts buzzing about at all times.  Organizing this blog may be impossible and it may just be a stream of consciousness as if we are in conversation late into the night. So here goes Day Two:

There are so many things going through my mind about the new cast of Dancing With the Stars. It is another incredibly motley crew with recognizable celebrities and not so recognizable. The most exciting and controversial celebrity is Chaz Bono, formerly Chastity. There are rumblings to boycott this season because "they" object to Chaz' mere existence.  For that alone, I will watch and hope that everyone will watch or vote for Chaz.  Pre-judgment is common and dangerous.  If you haven't seen the documentary, Becoming Chaz, it is well worth the time. It is a frank, painful telling of his journey to become a man. How can anyone judge?  If parents didn't over react, kids wouldn't even know. They don't know Cher; they don't know Chastity. To them he'd be the fat guy who can either dance or not dance. So any of you that are open minded and don't support close minded people, let Chaz be our Bristol Palin. Let's make a statement and let him make it far into the series.

Eddie Murphy as host of the Oscars? Well, he hasn't had an on screen hit since Dreamgirls five years ago. Before that you may have to go all the way to 2000, if you include The Nutty Professor 2. I have been a huge Eddie Murphy fan. The operative word in that sentence is "had." Everyone is touting it like it's such a great idea. I think it's an okay to dull idea. The winner in all this will be Eddie Murphy's career if he is a smashing success. It's a four hour audition in front of millions of people. The loser in all of this is the low hopes for a great broadcast for the viewer at home.

Okay, so the 49th State, Alaska, has been one of those places that seemed like a far away, rugged, freezing place to live, unless you are an eskimo. Who lives there? If you look up famous Alaskans, I never heard of any of them. The first, break out star from guessed it, you betcha herself, Sarah Palin. Now in the top ten for America's Got Talent, there are two finalists from Alaska. How is that possible?  20% of the thousands of auditioners come from the Hinterlands? If you exclude the Palin family, there are twelve people that live in Alaska and now two of them made it to the top ten on a television show.  Go figure.


  1. Thanks for sharing so much of what I think many of us are ruminating on right about now. Well done!

  2. Chaz is awesome. I have never watched the show but this is really fascinating to me. I hope he doesn't get booted off too soon..

  3. I'll vote for Chaz every week whether I watch or not (I'll count on you to tell me when and how). Couldn't agree more with your musings about Chaz, Eddie Murphy, and the whole confounding Alaskan Talent on AGT. Go figure! Loving this! Hope you keep at it! :)