Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Mish Mash

It is Thursday in NYC.  The unthinkable happened here politically. The Congressional seat vacated by the hugely disappointing Anthony Weiner, went Republican for the first time since 1920.  1920!  The papers are saying they didn't like the Democratic candidate because he voted for gay marriage.  Do elections really come down to that?  Really?  Why don't elections and campaigns focus on things that truly matter? Why is it that social issues become so divisive people can't see straight.  

This may be a controversial stance but I believe that President Obama didn't have a chance in hell to be a successful President of the United States. When the "black" man was elected to the highest office in the land, people went crazy. They had a visceral reaction to the idea that there was a black man that was above them.  Racism raised its ugly head under the code words birthers, tea partiers, etc. From the moment that Obama was inaugurated, politicians on the right said that no matter what policies he presented, they would say no.  Blue Dog Democrats couched their objections more coyly. Here we are almost 3 years later. The country is working at a shockingly dysfunctional way.  

Grover Norquist, the unelected Wizard of the Right, has almost singlehandedly taken down the country. When I was an agent negotiating contracts, the operative word in that sentence is negotiating, a good deal was when both sides weren't 100% happy. In the world of Grover Norquist, no matter what is happening in the country, raising taxes is the worst possible outcome.  Granted, no one wants to pay taxes, but if we are a society that cares about the other, we need our schools, fireman, police officers, etc. We may not be that country anymore.  It may just be "me, me, me." It's not the world that I want to live in and raise my children in but I may not have a choice. 

I am sure that I will re-visit this. This topic is vast and far greater than my brain can fix.  My heart, however, may be able to if we can go back to a time when the good of others was the good of all. 

Making a 180 degree turn, two reality shows concluded last night on television.  Big Brother, that must make CBS a ton of money and pays out the least, concluded with a tough to like woman going through it for the second time and happens to play the game well.  The second show that ended was the throwback amateur hour show, America's Got Talent.  This year the top four acts all had something to offer.  The over used phrase "the best finals we've ever had," may have actually been true.  All had tons of talent and heartfelt backgrounds.  The winner was Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. a 30 something, married with 3 kids, black, car washer at a Toyota dealership. He is tall with dreads and has a voice like Sinatra.  All the finalists really are winners with shows booked in Vegas  as opening acts for the new headliner Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.  Do you think his name will fit on a marquis? 


  1. Landau Eugene Murphy, jr. is a great story with a great voice and a deserving winner. He may sing Frank Sinatra songs, but I, for one, don't think he sounds anything like The Voice.

  2. Another good one. Hard to make an original comment. I love LEM, Jr as you know. I am stunned by the whole turn of events in Weiner's district. And I think Rich is wrong, I think he does sound like The Voice. But, no matter, he is amazing and I wish him huge success.