Friday, September 16, 2011

Ideas too few and too many

As I sit here in my apartment with the never ending sound of drilling outside my window. Each tap, drill, movement reverberates in my head.  It's part of New York City living. Still love this city.

Honestly, I don't have any answers. I wish that I did. The older that I get, the less I am certain. What I am certain of is that the system is broken. Everyday there are more announcements of job losses. Everyday the politicians come up with nothing.  I just can't bear, no matter which side of the aisle they sit, they can't do something better for the whole, the long term.  There is too much pandering not enough governing.  What has happened?  

I will say one thing for the Republicans, they are totally loyal.  They never criticized President Bush no matter what. The Democrats criticize their own. The Republicans create fabulous phrases that actually catch on the more they use them: death panels, death tax. The Democrats don't create much but disappointment. As a group they seem weak. The Republicans are bullies and the Democrats are the 98 pound weaklings.  It is disheartening at best.  No one wants to step up to the plate and stay committed to what is good for the entire country. No one.  

Obama folded like a house of cards in every hand dealt. He made deals with the prescription drug companies which hampered a comprehensive healthcare act. He caved to the Republicans on the Bush tax cuts. And don't get me started on the debt ceiling.  
Remember when Obama was running, he said he'd end both wars and close Gitmo.  He was elected to the Presidency, inaugurated, and realized it's not that simple. Or is it? When are candidates going to stop making promises during campaigns that they can't keep. What's wrong with honesty?  Why can't candidates say if I were President I would like to do such and such, but when I actually get into office I will have to see how things work. Remember Clinton?  He said he'd allow gays in the military.  Loved him for it.  Got into office and week 3, he was like woops, can't do that.  I can do "Don't ask don't tell." Cop out.  

Okay, really, I could go on and on, which is why I am grateful to have this outlet.  I am always mulling it over.  How can it be different? How can I help? As I said, I don't have answers, but maybe someday....

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  1. yep. amen sister. to all of it. sorry i don't have anything more intelligent to say. that's why you're the blogger and I'm the cheerleader. xoxo