Friday, September 30, 2011

Banks, grrrrrrr

Screwing the people again.  Really?  Chase announced that they will charge their debit card holders $5.00 a month to have the honor of using the card with their name on it. Other banks are taking a look at it.  Probably they want to see what the fall out will be to BofA.  I really can't stand it.  

The government, paid for by the taxpayers, saved all the Banks asses from complete and utter collapse and when given the choice to do the right thing or stick it to their customers...well, you know the choice they make each and every time.  Maybe the banks are pissed off because the great, smart, and Senate candidate, Elizabeth Warren, created the Bureau of Consumer Protection.  It was created to help consumers become more empowered with clear, precise information.  More information creates a more active marketplace, bank to bank.   

Who do you think is most affected?  You betcha, it is the middle, lower, poor, blue collar people of America.  Rich people don't use debit cards.  They use credit cards and cash. Okay, before you write me and say, my friend who makes tons of money uses a debit card, it is the exception.  It is the young people learning how to budget their money. It is shoppers at the grocery stores. Why isn't there a huge cry from the people?  Why aren't the elected officials crying foul?  

The people have decimated Netflix.  If only we could use that kind of power for a more important issue.  We do have power; we just don't know how to use it effectively. Netflix made it so easy.  Our elected officials don't.  Not really.  We can email them, but if you aren't in their district, they don't care.  They are only worried about the next election. 

So as the banks get richer and find new ways to make money off the backs of their customers, the customers are getting bilked out of more of their own money.  Remember how we hated and got over ATM charges, the banks remember too.


  1. I'm in good company with this topic. Andy Borowitz blogged about it today, too:

  2. you are obviously right. i'm so sick of them. i'm just BOILING at the whole debacle. the ATM charges are sickening - those fuckers. and they charge a "service charge" if you dip below their random minimum balance. It is only a matter of time before the B of A and I part ways after 35+ years. I don't think they'll miss me one bit though.