Wednesday, September 28, 2011

3D or not

I am not a 3D lover.  I never was. I don't like wearing the glasses over my eyeglasses.  It isn't comfortable and I do indeed worry about the germs.  The only 3D experience I had was at Disneyworld.  It was 10 minutes of beauty and excitement coming at you.  Sometimes creepy and sometimes scary but fun and over.  Then James Cameron created a "new" 3D filming method and Avatar was born.  Though hugely successful, I didn't appreciate it.  Nothing came at you. It was a gimmick. It was a gimmick that worked but did it enhance the story at all?  For me, it was a distraction.  Since Avatar, everyone wants in on the money action. I hate the trend. HATE it!  

I hate when they do the box office weekend grosses for top spot and they only count the money.  It isn't real. It isn't correct.  They have to count tickets sold, not money collected.  When the ticket prices for 3D movies are an obscene $17.00 and a "regular" movie is $13.00, it is an inflated total.  It is manipulating facts.  In today's market, they should count the number of tickets sold.  That is the real gauge of success.  

This applies to family movies where many children are in attendance.  There tickets are cheaper than adult tickets and that should be denoted in the tabulations.  There are great Disney and Pixar films that are seen multiple times by kids and there is no way that the numbers reflect that.  

I am anti-3D movies from the get go. I feel that the studios are just looking to make more money, not better movies.  I feel that they are selling the consumer a bill of goods.  I am not going to say that I will never go, but it will have to be something that the masses thinks enhances the story not the box office.


  1. You're 1000 percent right. I won't go to a 3D movie, and won't buy a 3D TV set.

  2. I have one word about 3D movies: HEADACHE

  3. generally I agree but I (much to my surprise) LOVED Avatar and thought the 3D made it even more magical. I cannot see myself EVER sitting in my family room with a 3D tv though. Can't they just leave well enough alone?

  4. I have seen "A Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas" twice. That makes 6D. At least.