Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Congress is off this week.  Made me chuckle. How many Jews in Congress?  Weren't they just off in August?  Don't they have things to do?  I wonder how many days off they get in a year?  I am not talking about fundraising days in their districts, I mean how many days do they not work.  Oh, that's right, since President Obama took office, they are off every day. It's unfathomable to me that members of Congress are so dismissive of ideas.  When they sit around not governing but obstructing, do they get their government salaries paid for by taxpayer dollars?  When they vote against healthcare for all, do they each get complete healthcare coverage including dental?  When the idea began about universal healthcare, not one member of Congress ever said, they'd fall on their sword for their constituents.  The gall of the members of Congress to act so cavalierly about the American people when their exposure is minimal.  And it is cavalier to vote for government shut downs, against raising the debt ceiling, against universal healthcare, when they each sit in D.C. cushy and paid for in full. 
When Congressman Boehner said that in order to get the money to the catastrophically effected areas from Hurricane Irene, there needed to be equal spending cuts. Are you kidding me??? Areas in desperate need of disaster relief have to wait for Washington bickering to do something?  Really???  Since when did the government toy with helping the American people?  I know. Since Obama became President of the United States of America.  That has driven Republicans and Blur Dog Democrats nuts.  

If just one member of Congress had the integrity, courage, and righteousness to say "until we help the American people, I will not take vacation, healthcare, or salary.  I don't want to be a hypocrite and vote for or against a bill that doesn't effect me at all.  I will stand tall and do the right thing not just be an obstructionist. I will come to the table and try to come to an agreement for all people, not just the people that donate to my re-election campaign."  It is a pipe dream. Never going to happen, but the gall of any elected official to stand in the way of any deal and not negotiate for the betterment of all, is just unconscionable.  

That is unpatriotic.


  1. AMEN, SISTAH. I completely agree! Maybe Elizabeth Warren will be different. Maybe she'll have the balls to show them how it can and
    should be done. Let us pray. . .

  2. This is great stuff. I never thought about what a joke it is that they take off for the jewish holidays, too! Chris Mathews couldn't have said it better.