Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The party of no or know

Really am having trouble grasping the thought processes of our lawmakers.  Wasn't being a Senator or Congressman a public service job? A noble profession?  Did it change or have I just been completely Disneyfied by movie portrayals.  Was there ever a real Mr. Smith?  Is having integrity and speaking the truth just the fanciful notion of The American President?  I refuse to believe it was never  an honorable profession.  The great men who risked their lives to create this country, were they not all that great? Is it just built up over centuries?  The magnificent prose and ideas of our founding fathers is unparalleled but now get bastardized. What is happening? When did the job of serving in the Congress become a career?  When did that crossover happen?  When did it happen that it is all about self and not all.  I really don't know.  I read a book that was assigned to my kids this summer that purports it was the 60's.  Hard for me to agree because that means that throughout my whole life there was never a true public servant.  This historian does make a pretty good case, but I am still ruminating on that.

When the politicians just say "no," it is stunning.  When it's "our way or the highway," I am flabbergasted. Why don't all the Congressmen and Senators consider all the people in this country?  When did us or them become the way of legislating?  This isn't a football game.  This is our way of life. This is our country, land that I love. It isn't legislating to just say "no." It isn't helping anyone. Trying to just screw the sitting President until the next election is screwing the people of this country.  When did disrespecting the office of the Presidency become chic or middle of the road?  As much damage as the past President did, I don't recall (and correct me if I am wrong) that one elected official boycotted speeches or shouted out during President Bush's speeches. Those that missed President Obama's speech about jobs, bragged about it. Wore it like a badge of honor.  Does that help solve the many problems facing this country? Is that how  we want our elected officials to operate? It all feels so petty and juvenile and yet, people's quality of lives are at stake. 

Do the Republicans actually know something that I don't?  If so, lay it out. Make it work. Make it happen.  It is unconscionable if this is all for personal gain and not the greater good.  I really don't care whose ideas are passed as long as they are good for the majority of Americans. If all the politicians are just treading water in Congress to get re-elected, then we have a cataclysmic problem with two year terms. Maybe it should be one two year term so pandering is kept to a minimum.  How much more dysfunctional can it be?

Maybe politicians need to pass the citizenship test before they can run for office.  Maybe it should be just as important to be born in this country as to know the history and facts of this country.  Historians always profess that history repeats itself so wouldn't it behoove our leaders to know the history? This theme will keep repeating because the lack of knowledge seems to be applauded and admired. 

So are the Republicans going to continue to be the party of "No" or can they become the party of "Know?"  

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