Wednesday, February 27, 2013

No One Is Screaming Yahoo!

Marissa Mayer the 37 year old female, wunderkind, CEO of Yahoo has achieved much success in her young life.  What an incredible achievement in a world that has so few female CEO's running companies.  When she first was hired for the position, she was pregnant. Another huge hurdle to overcome in a man's world.  How did she manage to do it?  She announced she'd take two weeks maternity leave.  There was an outcry from many women that she was setting an unrealistic example, but she delivered her child and returned in two weeks.  

In her short reign at Yahoo, she has turned the stock around and it's on the upswing.  That's all shareholders care about.  That's all the board of directors care about, so whatever she does is fine as long as everybody is lining their pockets.  The new kerfuffle is she is taking away her employees rights to work from home. Now, that may not sound like a big deal, but that is why so many people are able to work.  Marissa Mayer is worried that she isn't getting the production she needs.  I understand that, but shouldn't that be a case by case situation?  Couldn't they slowly take that right away from people over time.  Many of these employees are juggling children at home and it has been a God send to have fantastic employment and not have to go into an office. Now, there is a drop dead date.  All employees need to be in the office or lose their job.  I understand that she is trying to turn a company around.  Really, I do.  I hope that she continues to have success, but she is getting a huge salary with benefits.  Ms. Mayer will get some fantastic golden parachute if she gets fired.  She has a nursery on the Yahoo premises for her baby.  Doesn't hurt her a bit.  Feels like another slight to women.

Speaking of things not hurting...members of Congress couldn't give a rats ass about the Sequester.  It is a blame game and a game of chicken.  I can't stand the lot of them.  Can you imagine if the first budget cuts in place were to Congressional salaries?  How cavalier they are with the livelihood of thousands of other government workers.  They throw around their machismo and their faux philosophies without any personal stake.  How can we change that?  Maybe in the next budget discussions, the members of Congress should be the first to suffer, instead of the Country.  Maybe that would put them into discussions and panic.  Shameful and disgraceful.  They should be making sacrifices, not Americans.  

Sidebars:  The Bachelor is down to two.  Letting the third girl go was painful, but I was really grateful that she was pissed off and not all weepy and groveling to Sean.  I can't really imagine whom he will pick.  The Biggest Loser is down to the final five.  Next week is makeover week.  It's always the highlight because the contestants get to realize how far they've come with new hair, makeup, and clothes. Some seasons it has been shocking how little they were.  Also, always bugged me that they never reveal the height.  Huge consideration in health and well-being.  I am a latecomer to NCIS.  Don't know why I never jumped on board, but now I can't get enough.  I decided I should watch because it's the highest program year in and year out.  No one ever told me that Ilya Kuryakin was a regular. I loved me some Man From U.N.C.L.E.  Also, Mark Harmon is always great.  The entire cast is fun.  I just can't believe that many crimes happen to navy men and women.  Give it a try sometime.  That's it from here, for now.

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