Monday, February 11, 2013

The Grammys

Well, really CBS should just rename themselves the Country Music Broadcast Service.  The Grammys were so heavy on Country music the first hour that it was clear that they were using the Grammys to promote their next Country Awards show in a couple of weeks or they assume that far and away their audience is all CMA fans.  

I was excited for the Grammys because Bruno Mars was scheduled to perform, but before I got to Bruno Mars I sat through a lot of performances and outfits that caused me to pause.  I was introduced finally, to Ed Sheeran singing his big song with Elton John.  What a worldwide introduction that is, though kind of dull. Mumford and Sons sang. Justin Timberlake took the stage for the first time in years.  He sang his new song Suit and Tie and into an even newer song, Pusher Love Girl  with Jay Z.  Not sure about the songs themselves, but that Justin Timberlake is a great performer. Fun. was interesting.  Didn't love the song they performed, and wished they'd have sung We Are Young.

Finally, at 10:05pm EST Bruno Mars got the stage. He was joined by Sting and together they were great.  It was an homage to Bob Marley.  They dragged Rihanna out (after she already soloed earlier) with Ziggy Marley.  I think Sting and Bruno Mars were better as a duo.  The real highlight of the night though turned out to be the tribute to Levon Helm.  It was fantastic with Elton John (for a second appearance), Mumford and Sons, Mavis Staples, T. Bone Burnett, the female singer from Alabama Shakes, Zac Brown all singing The Weight.  I had to replay it.  It was the only Rock and Roll moment of the night.  

The worst and incomprehensible performance of the night was Frank Ocean.  I don't know his music or much about him.  He won two Grammy's last night, but haven't a clue why after his performance.  The only thing I know about him is that he came out of the closet and he had a fight with Chris Brown last week.  I have heard he has a beautiful voice, but seriously missed it last night.  Maybe he couldn't hear himself??  There must be a reason.  

I have a serious problem with Rihanna and Chris Brown.  I do.  I don't care about them, but I care about all of their fans and all the young girls that admire Rihanna.  If they want to be together, so be it, but do they have to flaunt it?  Can't they be somewhat discreet?  I feel there is doom all around them.  

As far as the fashion at the Grammys, CBS sent out that ridiculous memo about not showing too much boob, camel toe, etc.  It was laughable and half the reason people watch the Grammys is the outrageous fashion going all the way back to Cher's Bob Mackie fashions.  The Grammys are supposed to be scandalous fashion.  It's not the Oscars.  Jennifer Lopez showed her million dollar legs, Rihanna wore a totally see through red dress on the red carpet, then changed multiple times, Katy Perry showed lots of bazooms, and Kelly Rowland dressed risqué, but for the most part, the women followed the memo.  A bit disappointing for the viewers at home.  

All in all, it was just an okay Grammy show but the highs were so high that it was worth missing Downton Abbey.  Sting and Bruno Mars and The Weight were stellar.  Definitely worth YouTubing.

Sidebars:  So the last time a Pope resigned/retired was 750 years ago.  Shocking and so fast; announced he's outta there and done 2/28/13.  Another conclave to watch and wait for the white smoke, and I'm not even Catholic.  I wonder what the real story is.  I mean, John Paul II stayed until the end with all of his ailments....It's Monday which means that it must be The Bachelor tonight.  Oy!  Still watching but it is getting harder.  The Biggest Loser is on opposite.  David E. Kelly's Monday Mornings on TNT has it's second episode tonight at 10pm. Another shooting today in a Delaware court house.  There was a shooting at the Mardi Gras parade over the weekend.  Are shootings on the rise?  I will stay on this over and over and over again.  

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