Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Around the Dial

I have to begin with the most saturated night for me, Sunday.  Amazing Race premiered.  I understand that the ratings were down, but who at CBS thought it was a good idea to premiere its new season opposite the NBA All-Star game and during a long weekend.  Doesn't make good sense to me, but I was happy it was back.  The Good Wife returned with a new episode and the producers and Julianna Margulies should fire the writers or maybe the producers.  They have taken what was a highlight of the television week and turned it into bad, absurd, unbelievable writing.  Crushing to know what it was and what it has become.  I have said it for months and they still haven't listened.  The Mentalist is still hanging in but not sure how much longer the show can go on.  

Opposite all of this was the season finale of Downton Abbey. If you haven't seen it yet, skip to the next paragraph.  I was sorely disappointed in the choices made.  I knew that Dan Stevens was leaving Downton Abbey.  Not happy about it and couldn't understand why he had to leave. Is he going to be the next David Caruso?  If it's good enough for Maggie Smith....I hated knowing that he had decided to leave because I kept waiting for tragedy and it finally came in the last few minutes.  Horrible.  A terrible way to end the season and so disheartening.  Though I heard that when Season 4 returns, it will be some time in the future so we don't have to go through another mourning period.  Maggie Smith was as always stellar.  She can do no wrong.  Did you catch the 60 minutes piece on her?  If you missed it, youtube it.  She doesn't disappoint.

Monday brought The Biggest Loser and The Bachelor opposite each other.  I will say it again and again, the reason that The Amazing Race wins year in and year out is because they edit it so well, that an hour is plenty.  The Biggest Loser is also losing a few steps, though it's getting down to the wire. Six contestants left, the makeover episode is coming up soon.  This year they had three children on the show, not as contestants but as ambassadors to all children to get healthy.  These three young people have come so far and have done an amazing job getting fit, learning nutrition, and getting the word out to their communities.  The Bachelor is down to the final four women.  Hometown dates.  First and foremost, the producers, network, editors promo'd an episode that really didn't happen.  It was the first time that I felt "had."  The dates weren't as disastrous as they had indicated.  One hometown date was horrible because of a sibling and it took her out.  Really sad and I thought she'd be one of the final two.  Hometown dates are always more interesting than all the other.  It speaks volumes about the women (or men) when you meet their families.   Tonight a special added episode of The Bachelor talking one on one with Sean Lowe, the bachelor, discussing the hometown dates.  Looking forward to it!  

The new David E. Kelley medical drama Monday Mornings is very dry.  I am a huge fan of David E. Kelley.  I always watch his series but this one is so dry that I'm not sure I can hang on.  It is a fascinating view but a little bleak about medicine.  Though a fabulous miracle in last nights episode, made it a happy ending. 

Wishing Charles Barkley a very happy 50th birthday. R.I.P. Jerry Buss.  You changed the face of basketball with the signing of Magic Johnson. A victorious reign began with the Los Angeles Lakers.  Ahhh, the good old days.  Smash is on tonight and though I didn't stay with it last season, Jennifer Hudson is on and is fantastic to watch.  Give it a chance.  I hate for it to get cancelled and it is on the bubble.  

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