Monday, February 25, 2013

Oscar, Oscar

I have to write about the Oscars.  I was more excited by this year's Oscars because I saw most of the movies nominated and it was such a good year in movies. The announcement of Seth MacFarlane as the host was unexpected and curious.  I don't watch any of his shows.  I didn't see TED.  I have seen him on talk shows and panels on TV and have thought him to be very smart, quick-witted, and talented, so maybe he'd do a good job.  God knows he would be irreverent.  

After 3 hours of red carpet viewing on E and ABC, it was time.  The opening of the 85th Oscars ceremony was here.  It started off with a bit of promise.  Seth MacFarlane brings on William Shatner as Captain Kirk with reviews of his performance in the future.  You had to be there or maybe not.  His opening went on far too long.  Fifteen minutes. I don't have any idea why Sally Field said yes to a bit about losing to Anne Hathaway before it happened.  Wasn't funny.  I expected that much of the humor would be sophomoric, but I was surprised that it was misogynistic and anti-semitic. I may have laughed a little but bit, but then things would sink in and it didn't feel great.  Seth MacFarlane said this would be his only time hosting.  Lucky that he made that decision in advance.  

As far as highlights and lowlights...Catherine Zeta-Jones looked great lip synching a song from Chicago.  Following her was Jennifer Hudson singing I'm Telling You, I'm Not Going and sang live, killed it, and got a roaring standing ovation from the audience.  Then, the cast of Les Miserables came out and sang live, too.  It was fantastic and kind of thrilling to see it as if it were Broadway and not a movie cast. Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy truly sucked.  Not funny.  Went on too long. Bombed badly.  The James Bond "tribute" was a disappointment.  It was more of a "tr," though Shirley Bassey was stellar singing her only song, Goldfinger.  Adele was fantastic singing the theme to the current James Bond movie, Skyfall, only to be followed by receiving the Oscar. 

The piece de resistance, Barbra Streisand.  Announced to be performing on the Oscars a few weeks ago, there was only one reason that she'd get dressed up and participate...Marvin Hamlisch.  Marvin Hamlisch's photo was the final photo in the "In Memoriam" montage and then Babs appeared.  She sang their Oscar winning song, The Way We Were.  She sounded great and looked fantastic!  She was giving a nod to her Barbra Joan Streisand days.  I loved her look so much.  James Brolin is one lucky man.  

As far as the awards themselves, I was fairly happy.  I was a tad bitter because I was convinced by "experts"  not to pick Christoph Waltz as best supporting actor.  I thought he was the hands down best performance of the year and I listened to others. I picked Robert DeNiro on my ballot instead.  Grrrrrrr.  Other than that, I was right on all the big awards.  Now I have to see Life of Pi, don't I? Thrilled about Argo.  So happy for Ben Affleck and feel so proud of the man he seems to have become.  Love, love, love Jennifer Lawrence!  Daniel Day Lewis made a great speech and felt authentic.  Anne Hathaway, sad to say, just bugs me.  Doesn't seem authentic at all in any of her speeches.  

The Oscars ended earlier than I expected and it was still too long.  The producers just can't get it.  The Golden Globes have it all over the Oscars in terms of television entertainment.  The closing number after the Best Picture award with Seth MacFarlane and Kristin Chenoweth was only tolerable because they were running all the credits over it.  I've never been grateful for credits before.  Hosting the Oscars has proven to be the most difficult job.  The only successful people have been Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, and Billy Crystal.  What will they do next year?  It is such a fine line to walk and most don't know how. 

Sidebars: Didn't write it last week, but I think Obama golfing with Tiger Woods was/is a mistake.  Haven't been able to write about politics because it's just too bleak for me right now.  Monday night, The Bachelor and The Biggest Loser.  Tonight The Bachelor episode is the fantasy suites with the ladies.  If the tabloids are right, Sean Lowe will not be having sex with his ladies.  He reclaimed his virginity.  LOL!  The Amazing Race was a little bit torturous last night for the non-swimmers and non-ocean lovers.  Why would you go on the show if you weren't able to swim?  Why would the producers make so many water events if they know about the contestants?  It's the first time in so many seasons that I really felt uncomfortable.  You can push past fear of heights, but you either can swim or not....Beautiful Spring like weather hitting NYC.  If you are near, get out and enjoy the weather.  

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