Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Too Stupid to Allow

Really?  The TSA is allowing small little pocket knives, no longer than 2 3/4 inches, on the plane starting in April?  Really?  The TSA is allowing golf clubs in all their voluminous bags on the plane?  What the hell are they thinking?  I don't get it.  Shouldn't the first thing allowed back on planes be bottles of water?  Shouldn't I be able to go through security without taking off my shoes?  Why, why would they make these decisions?  As I have often stated, my brain works linearly.  I am very practical and pragmatic so when things happen that don't make brain implodes.  

With the current budget problems, is this how the TSA is trying to relieve the crunch at security checkpoints?  Is this the best answer?  I just read that the TSA was approved for millions right before the sequester for new uniforms.  Good use of tax dollars?  I don't think so.  Can't they all wear jeans and a white shirt with a visible badge if there's a problem with the uniforms?  I am so sick of all the bull and nonsense going on throughout D.C.  This latest decision exemplifies the stupidity of the decision makers. Just ridiculous!  Let me keep my shoes on!!!  

There are so many little irritations, but I am just going to jump into the Justin Bieber fray.  Did you hear that he didn't come on until 10:20pm in his London concert?  He came on two hours after the start time. Children and parents were pissed, crushed, and disappointed.  Many had to leave early because it was so late on a school night and the trains stop running.  Who made this plan?  His apology was weak.  He had 3 scheduled opening acts.  Really?  3?  No one likes opening acts.  It gives many permission to come late to concerts.  But to have 3 acts for a concert with the majority of the audience being children is ridiculous.  This isn't the first time Justin Bieber was late.  He made them wait here in NYC at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn.  Who does he think he is?  He is not Judy Garland! I find him to be the most inauthentic teen idol ever.  Nothing about him seems organic from his ridiculous wardrobe to his tattoos to his partying. Justin Bieber's handlers better take control or he will be another asterisk in the annuls of music history. A ranter can hope, can't she?

Sidebars:  The Biggest Loser was the makeover episode.  Always a highlight.  The contestants all get to see how fabulous they look and get clothes they never imagined they'd be wearing.  The Bachelor: The Women Tell All was fantastic.  Always a treat but this year they showed "candid" moments before they were back "on the air." A lot of odd moments and contentious words. Tierra, this year's villain, continued the bad English found on The Bachelor and spoke of "Sean's and I's" date.  Oh, my God.  Can't Chris Harrison stop these people?  It's such a desecration of the English language.  Celebrity Apprentice lost 25% of their ratings from last year's premiere.  Please let them continue to tank.  American Idol is still snoozing along.  Talent has nothing to do with it.  It's become redundant week in and week out. New York City is bracing for another storm here.  The same storm that blasted the midwest.  Hope you have a great Wednesday wherever you are.

Here's a link to the Borowitz Report tackling the TSA.

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