Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Least Educated State...

Makes the least educated legislative decision.  As a response to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-giant soda law, the great minds of Mississippi passed a law that bans cities, towns, and counties from ordering companies to post nutrition information or modify portion sizes.  Really,  Mississippi?  This is where you want to go?  Look it, I'm not sure how I feel about Mayor Bloomberg's declaration against sodas over 16oz, but at least he's trying to do something.  He's trying to help the future of our children to make healthier changes, even if he is mandating.  Unfortunately, a judge halted this soda size ban and now will be appealed in a higher court.  Was Bloomberg's law perfect?  No, it wasn't. There were many loopholes, but it was something.  7/11's could still sell 32 oz. sodas.  You could still go to the market and buy the giant 2 liter bottles, but he's doing something.  Bloomberg has made many decisions that may be deemed progressive.  He has one of the severest anti-smoking laws anywhere.  He supported bike lanes (which I am not a fan of, but it is all part of his vision of a healthy future).

Obesity is one of the costliest health issues in this country.  If you were a Biggest Loser viewer, this year they had three overweight, out of shape young people on the show, from 11 years old to 16.  These children were given the tools and information.  The truth, they and their families had no idea about nutrition and healthy life choices.  These children weren't happy and their size was keeping them from doing what they wanted to do: baseball, cheerleading, etc. The trainers went to their homes, they brought in a pediatrician to give each a medical exam, a nutritionist to go through all the food in their homes, and, lo and behold, major changes occurred.  These three kids in eleven weeks have made gigantic life changes, as have their families.  Education is power and these people didn't have it until The Biggest Loser showed up in their lives.  

Which brings me back to Mississippi, the legislation has banned any entity from having to post info or modify any food or soda item.  Did I mention that Mississippi is not only the least educated State, but also the highest rate of obesity?  How do these people square this with their constituents?  I don't get it.  It feels that they want to keep their people down.  Why would they want that?  I have no idea, but on the heels of the Bloomberg decision, this is what they rushed to pass?  Bet they're against Obamacare.  Again, the State of Mississippi takes far more from the Federal government than they give back.  Maybe we should cut them loose, cut our losses, and not send any money to the State of Mississippi.

Sidebars:  I find the whole Conclave such a mystery.  If I hadn't read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, I'd be even more confused, but I can't believe that all news in the United States is spending so much time on choosing the next Pope reporting.  I am not saying that it's not incredibly important to Catholics, but Catholics aren't a majority in America.  There is no equal to this event in any other religion.  It's very curious, all of it.  Thousands waiting in the rain for white smoke....Breaking news!!!!! There's white smoke.  There's a new Pope!!!  Don't know who it is, but they are going crazy in St. Peter's Square.  Stay tuned to your news stations.  

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