Monday, March 11, 2013

To Legalize or Not To Legalize....

Okay, people, who are we kidding?  The war on drugs has wasted both man power and billions of dollars with few results.  If you watched Rock Center Friday night, they did a piece on Camden, New Jersey.  Once a thriving town just across the river from Philadelphia, it is now a drug and gun infested bombed out shell from its heyday.  It's bleak and the future looks even bleaker.  Now, am I for legalization of all drugs?  Not sure about that.  I definitely think that we, as a country, are missing out on huge amounts of revenue from legalizing marijuana.  As a matter of fact, I have always wondered why the all powerful tobacco industry didn't lobby for marijuana.  They could corner the market easily and take complete control from all the independent farmers.  Not that I want that, but I just am surprised at the short sightedness.  If they wanted it legal, it would be.  I have no doubt about that.  Money speaks volumes.  Even without them, which I'd prefer and trust more, the vast amount of taxes that could be generated by allowing recreational use could only help this economy.  I don't understand why it's so opposed by the government.  It  will take a spine and a big commitment to take this stand, but I think that even the Tea Partiers could get behind it.  Revenue.  Money.  Liberty.  

Sports betting.  Come on, people.  Isn't it the most incredibly ludicrous and hypocritical behavior to keep it "illegal," but promote sports betting everywhere.  Every newspaper lists the odds for every game.  All the sportscasters talk about the lines of the games.  Every sports pundit talks about who they would wager on and how many points they are giving or getting.  If you just arrived in America, you would never think sports betting was illegal.  It is inescapable here and utterly ridiculous that States haven't figured out a way to legalize it and make it taxable.  In England, they have betting parlors.  They are clean, respectable, and busy.  We could have them here, too.  Make them accessible, keep records of wins and losses, and everyone pays taxes.  At the race track if you win, you can use losing tickets to counteract the win.  There is something here.  Someone needs to step up.  Everyone bets on sports in office pools, with bookies, friends, etc.  Why not make it more respectable.  Take it out of the shadows.  It's beyond time.  

Sidebars:  Did anyone see Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live?  He is superlatively talented.  His comic timing is fantastic.  Whether you are on board with his new album or not, he is an amazing musician and dancer.  He really knows his skits on the show.  One of the very few that doesn't appear to be reading each and every word off the teleprompter. Justin Timberlake is the Justin with talent.  Justin T. began as a teen and has grown up to be a fine man.  We didn't have to experience disgraceful growing pains as we are with JB. I wish the young girls would look up to JT and not JB.  I hope that worm has turned.  60 Minutes featured a segment on Sheryl Sandberg.  She is second in command at Facebook and a very accomplished woman.  She has written a book that has been ruffling so many feathers.  It's called Lean In.  She thinks women don't grab opportunities that men would do without thinking about all the ramifications, that the women's movement is stalled (which I wholeheartedly believe) and that women listen to all the  putdown "tapes" in their head that play.  I am so not able to do it justice, but listening to her speak as opposed to all the chatter this week, makes me think she has something very important to share.  Sunday night television on CBS was one of the best in a long time: Amazing Race, The Good Wife, and The Mentalist.  Tonight is the finale of The Bachelor.  Will he pick Catherine or Lindsey?  Hmmmm.  

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  1. When Pete Rozelle went before Congress to discuss betting, he said that only 2% of NFL fans bet on the games. Beano Cook's response was, "In that case, they all live on my block."