Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stand Up!

As I have repeatedly said over the last few months, I am a very pragmatic, practical person.  I learn from other people's mistakes.  Why does that seem so rare?  The Republican Party is a disaster right now.  Didn't they learn from the last Presidential election with McCain and the disastrous pick of Sarah Palin?  McCain might have actually won the election if he had picked a smart, educated VP, but for some political suicide, he went with Sarah Palin.  I know that it's been analyzed and written about, but I am still not clear why he did that. There were so many great choices all over this country that would have made Obama and Biden really sweat.  

So now, we are in this election cycle.  The Republicans keep tripping up, getting more extreme, not standing up for what's right, and staying silent when it matters.  This insane conversation about contraception is a no win for the Republicans.  No win!  Women won't take it and most men won't take it.  The invasive bent about women and their bodies that is happening from State to State is appalling.  It is so upsetting and disturbing that white men are making decisions again about women's bodies.  Why are we here again?  Why are women taking it?  I still can't understand why the Republican women in the limelight don't stand up for women instead of the Republican party.  Why didn't Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum shout loudly that they didn't like what Rush Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke?  Why isn't that the natural reaction?  I can't believe in either of their hearts they approve with what Rush said.  I really can't believe it.  Seriously.  

It's despicable of all Republicans not to stand up against Rush Limbaugh.  He's just a talking head with millions of listeners. He seems to have more power than any other Republican.  He is a hugely rich and successful radio personality. Why has the Republican party not stood up to what's right?  I don't get it at all.  I really don't.  Does anyone have an answer?  Are there any Republicans that read this and have a counter argument?  I'd love to hear, because I think they have gone so far to the right that a candidate can never win a general election.  How does that help?  Anyone out there?

Sidebars:  The Voice still rules as the best "talent" competition. The Bachelor episode was definitely enhanced by DVR.  A two hour show seen in one hour and twenty. It was a bitch and complaining session to rev us up for the finale next week.  Can't get there soon enough. It's winter like weather here today.  Bundle up.  A smile for the day from The Borowitz Report:  Embattled radio host Rush Limbaugh suffered another major desertion today as he lost the support of one of his longtime sponsors, Satan.

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  1. Ron Paul was the only candidate who stood up and said he didn't like what Limbaugh said. The others are wimps....and as for And Borowitz--he got it wrong--Limbaugh is Satan.

  2. as I have already stated, I believe that they all AGREE with Rush. I believe that those woman are CHRISTIAN REPUBLICANS first and foremost, women second. I read that last month, the whole month of sunday morning news shows only had FOUR women guests the entire month to talk about this issue of contraception. This is inane. We can at least hope that Clear Channel will bow to the pressure and dump his big, fat ass. . .