Friday, March 9, 2012


Everyday, I receive in my email The Daily Beast.  I always check it out. I will read the headlines and if I am interested I will click on the headline to read more.  Today's Daily Beast headline is "Utah Passes Anti-Sex Bill."  Really?  I had to read more.  What, pray tell, is the State of Utah doing to women now.  Okay, people, it's worse than that.  They are for all intents and purposes banning sex education in public schools!  Really?  How will that help?  They don't want children to hear about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.  They only want to concentrate on abstinence.  Believe me, I am all for abstinence for high schoolers, but I am not going to stick my head in the sand.  I know that some teenagers want to have sex and do have sex, so am I not going to arm my children with the info?  At my children's school, they have been teaching age appropriate sex ed since 4th grade.  I think it's great.  It doesn't take the responsibility out of the parents' hands but gives a jumping off point for discussion.  Do I believe for a second that, with this ban of sex education in public schools, kids will get the information they most desperately need?  NO.  Many parents don't feel comfortable speaking to their kids about sex.  I am guessing in Utah it may be even more difficult with the pervasive religious focus. 

This stance that money shouldn't be spent on education about sex or contraception with tax dollars is so incredibly ass backwards.  What happens if girls do get pregnant?  What are they going to do?  Where will they go? Who will they tell?  The close mindedness or ignorant thinking on this is staggering.  Information and education is power.  Not the other way around.  If children know the downside of having unprotected sex, maybe they will think twice.  All of these attacks feel personal to me.  It's really more laws made by men against women.  Women, stand up!  We fought this fight and won!  It should be moot, but year in and year out there are battle lines drawn popping up all over.  Don't take them lying down, ladies!  It will only serve to oppress us!

Sidebars:  Huge outcry from all over about Sue Simmons dismissal.  Don't think it will matter, but it must make her feel good and makes Comcast look bad! It's been an incredible week with my Mom and sister in town.  It feels like home, how it should always be, perfect.  Have a great weekend!  Don't forget to buy a copy of 
Don Kirshner: The Man With the Golden Ear. It's well worth it if you love music.

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