Friday, March 2, 2012

Right is Wrong

The Right is wrong in so many ways, but their silence is deafening if it compromises their cause.  And right there is what is wrong with the Right.   It shouldn't be a "cause."  They are so afraid to give an inch that they have dug in their heels even if it's time to stand up and shout, "You are going too far" or "we don't support that rhetoric,"  or better yet, "You are acting like an a**hole." Most recently, their silence about Rush Limbaugh's rant against a law school student, Sandra Fluke, and her testimony during Senate hearings about birth control and women's health insurance rights , is astonishing.  Are they so terrified of Rush that they can't say, "whoa, that ain't right?" Rush called this young woman a slut, he denigrated her as a woman and in turn, all women.  Where is the outrage from Sarah Palin?  Christine O'Donnell?  Jan Brewer?  Michelle Bachman? It doesn't have to be women on the Right but it would be a start!  I don't get the whole hypocritical Christian movement.  The bullying that it's the Christian way or the highway.  How have we gotten here?  If Jesus were alive, he'd be appalled how his teachings have been so distorted for the sake of judging others, controlling others, bullying others.  It's astonishing that the Right that keeps talking about family values, morals, can't see what is right and not distort it. Live and let live.  Each to his own. Love thy neighbor. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.  

How much I would admire Republicans if they stood up for what is right and not worry about the ignorant base of the party.  If Mitt Romney could be who Mitt Romney is and not having to pander to win the Republican primaries, it would be a better race and it would be authentic.  That's why he is having so much trouble.  He made a mistake and he should have been his real self, not this which ever way the wind blows guy. Why didn't he stand up against Rush?  Why didn't Santorum?  Newt?  It's so disgraceful and distasteful.  The spinelessness is tragic. That a blowhard like Rush Limbaugh can have so much power....Really?? Really? How do Republicans face themselves in the mirror?  I just am yearning for politicians that can be true to themselves, no matter what the cost.  I am rambling on this because it causes such outrage in my whole being. 

If you missed Rush Limbaugh's deplorable rant, here's a link or you can Google it yourself:

Sidebars:  A follow-up to yesterday's Rant and Rumination: The Orthodox Jewish Day School is getting to compete. They changed the schedule when a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the boys basketball team. Yay for justice! Only sorry it took a lawsuit for the organizers to do what is right. 
The only thing that really matters today is that it's my Mommy's birthday and my sister is here to celebrate too.  How great it is to be together.  Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. I'm very glad that the tournament will be played by the Jewish boys who earned their spot!

    As for the Republican candidates, the reason they don't say anything against Rush is that they AGREE with him. Maybe they don't agree with the rhetoric he used, but I believe that they are totally on the same page. And now, since he said it, they don't have to.