Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FB Politics

I can tell that this is going to be a very challenging election season particularly on Facebook.  I can see the postings getting more frequent and people's sensitivities are heightened.  I feel a little bit sick inside because I am so far from accepting the platform of the current Republican candidates. Having to hear the religious based rhetoric of Rick Santorum, makes me deeply uncomfortable. Listening to Mitt Romney fumble around and pander desperately to try to get votes is painful and humorous when you hear it filtered through a comedian.  I can't even give time to Newt Gingrich. Been there and done that. The reality is bleak.  

For anyone out there who reads my rants and says, "well, of course, you feel this way, you only vote Democrat," I say to you, I don't get an option.  When candidates of any party start to discuss women's rights, pro-life, anti-gay, creationism, and, in general, anything that pushes your beliefs onto my civil liberties...I'm out. I can't hear anything else that you might have to say, because I am now fighting for my life and my children's future.

In this election season, I am more appalled than ever before. Always, there are people that vote against their own self interests, yet this year feels far more divisive.  Is it because there is a black man in the White House?  I do think that has made some people crazier than they were previously.  The fear can't be hidden.  What happens if the general election is between a Mormon and a black man?  What if it's between an Evangelical Catholic and a black man?  Where does that leave the rest of us?  Why does it matter?  Why can't it be about policy?  Jobs? The economy? Healthcare costs? I don't want to hear about religion.  Not at all.  

This is going to be a very long and arduous Presidential election year. I will think twice before posting political items. My heart is a bit sick from it all and it's only March.

Sidebars:  Fashion Stars premiered last night.  If it works, it could prove to be revolutionary.  We shall see. I think that Will Farrell's new movie could prove him to be genius.  Clearly, if it opens big....Oh, did I say that Rick Santorum won in Mississippi and Alabama?

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  1. My dad would say "I am voting NO on Prop. president."

  2. well said, Di, as usual!
    I don't know about Will Farrell's movie - gonna have to check it out - thanks for the heads' up.