Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Bachelor Spoiler, sort of....

Okay, so one of my television shows that is a not so dirty secret, is The Bachelor.  This season hit an all time low.  Just when I'd say, I can't watch this anymore, they pulled me back in, but yuck!  After surviving another season of 25 women and 1 man looking for true love, I have determined that it's not reality. Makes me laugh just writing that.  I know that The Bachelor or Bachelorette isn't reality or even reality television.  It is fantasy.  In every way, shape or form.  The dates are ridiculously over the top and fulfilling dreams and desires of the contestants.  In many ways, it should be no surprise that so few matches last.  After you get to travel all over the world and have the most incredibly romantic dates, you go back to work, bills start piling up, etc.

This season's Bachelor hit new lows, which I didn't think possible.  The producers created a villainous that took off from episode 1.  Courtney may have been the most divisive woman ever on the Bachelor.  She was nasty, snarky, sarcastic, and out and out mean.  None of the girls liked her and she, in turn, gave them what they all wanted, antagonism.  The producers must have loved it.  Drama.  Now, don't get me wrong, every season there are those that are liked, favored, and hated, but this season, Courtney and the producers took nasty to new heights.  Editing may just be what makes stars, stars.  Courtney was the girl America "loved to hate," as Chris Harrison, the host, kept saying.  Ellen DeGeneres took Chris Harrison to task on her show about Courtney. They did a whole "ripping Courtney to shreds" segment with all the girls on The Women Tell All episode. 

Why am I spending so much time on The Bachelor?  Good question, really. I think because more than any other season, I feel had.  Watching the finale and the update episode, I actually felt bad for Courtney. Maybe she is not what she was made out to be on TV.  I'd be interested in seeing an uncut version of The Bachelor.  I think that Courtney was nasty, you can't make her say what she said to people, but maybe the producers didn't show us the entire scenario.  So will Ben and Courtney make it?  Who knows?  They are bizarrely quirky enough that maybe they will and Ben's not the big catch that we thought he was at the beginning of the season.   

Sidebars: There is nothing that America and the media love more than building people up and tearing people down.  The latest pinata is Jeremy Lin.  He was the "it" guy for a few weeks and now....The Voice doesn't disappoint and if you aren't on the bandwagon, give it a try. 

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