Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm a Believer

For my generation, one of the earliest soundtracks of our lives was The Monkees. Not only the weekly series for two seasons, but the songs that have lived on and on through childhood memories and now through our children's generation that were Shrek lovers.  The news that Davy Jones died of a massive heart attack yesterday, made the internet and social media outlets light up.  As we have just finished the tragic and over the top burial of Whitney Houston, for my group, this hits deeper.  This is the music that we sang from 7 years old and up. The Monkees were the answer to The Beatles. Clearly, the members of the band weren't as talented as The Beatles, not even close, but like The Beatles the songs have been sung for 45 years and will continue to be sung. Their songs are like comfort food.  A whole warm glow covers  me when I hear I'm a Believer or Last Train to Clarksville. Even more when I hear my children sing the songs when they hear them on the radio.  It is a sad day to lose Davy Jones.  Of all The Monkees to lose, he's gone too soon.  Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz have been interviewed or quoted.  Any word from crabby Mike Nesmith?  I have enjoyed all the YouTube videos of their performances that have been posted.  Loving him was easy.

A 180 degree turn.  The front page of the The New York Times Sports section this week highlighted a story about a high school basketball tournament in Texas. One of the teams that qualified is a Boy's Jewish Day School.  First of all, that there is a Jewish Day School in Texas at all, surprised me, but the story was that the governing body of the tournament wouldn't allow the teams to reschedule games so they didn't fall on the Jewish Sabbath.  The schools were amenable to changing the schedule to accomodate the religious observance.  The Head wasn't. Sorry. You read the rules when you joined this and now you have to pay the consequences. The Jewish team had to bow out of the tourney. They will not compromise their religious beliefs for basketball.  Today there was another article. The Mayor of Houston has appealed to the head of the tournament.  The former coach of the Houston Rockets, Jeff Van Gundy, also tried to intervene and said that there is no embarrassment to change their stance and do what's right. Strangers reportedly sent letters and asked the tournament head to change the schedule.  He is holding firm.  The Jewish team is still practicing just in case they get a reprieve. It's anti-semitic of the powers that be.  There's no two ways about it.  Maybe they should just allow Christians and atheists in the tournament so there are no conflicts. Let's be honest...everyone gets Sunday off.  That's the acceptable Sabbath in Texas.

Sidebars:  American Idol, girl's night. I tried to watch but switched to watching the Knicks. The whole thing is tired, though I still love to listen to Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.  Randy Jackson, not so much.  Law and Order: SVU didn't skip a beat with Chris Meloni's departure.  The writing is still strong.  Revenge needs to conclude soon.  I still can't figure out how they are going to get a second season out of it. 
On a personal note, my Mom and sister are coming to town. So excited and can't wait for the reunion.  Two incredible women. I am very lucky.  

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