Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammys Round-Up

Where do I begin?  The Grammys was a mixed bag of low moments, who cares moments, and high moments.  It started off with a bang with Beyonce, looking unbelievable in a revealing body suit, but yet tasteful and her husband Jay Z.  Don't love the song but a great way to begin the show.  LL Cool J as the emcee again is just fine.  He's on a CBS hit series NCIS: Los Angeles and has music credibility so perfect combination.  He's very safe and sweet.  Can I go back to the red carpet?  Madonna scared the piss out of me.  She has jumped the shark.  She looks so old and ridiculous.  Did you see her grill?  Really, Madonna?  You already got slammed about it wearing it the last time you went public with it.  Now, your son, David, says you owe him one for his birthday.  I think he's around 8.  Ugh!  She looks like a fool now.  Okay, I digressed.  Pharrell Williams chose a Smokey the Bear hat.  Why, Pharrell?  Why?  You are exceedingly talented and why choose to look so amusing.  It isn't fashion, it's silly.  Okay, the great and long lasting band Chicago performs and a producer thought bringing Robin Thicke into the mix was a good idea.  Chicago didn't and doesn't need Robin Thicke.  It was unnecessary for him to be up on the stage.  He needed to sit down and clearly his people are trying to reignite his fizzling popularity.  He needs a new song.  Social media all thought Robin Thicke should have sat his butt down. 

I have to admit something.  I don't have a clue who Charlie Wilson is.  He was honored earlier in 2013 and I don't know who he is and I am so uncomfortable with that.  I'm thinking if I heard a Gap Band song I might know him, but by name, not at all.  I also, do not get the DJ world.  I really don't.  What are DJ's creating?  Aren't they taking other people's music and remixing it or some such thing?  I just am not sure about it.  I am not saying it's too late to learn, but it has escaped me.  Those are my two big admissions.

Okay, maybe there's more.  I don't understand Pink and her rope acrobats.  It is phenomenal the control and strength but she can't possibly be singing live and doing that, can she?  AND, isn't it time to try a new schtick? She has done the acrobat routine before on awards shows.  I am completely mystified by Lorde.  I first heard the song on Ellen DeGeneres' show and though Ellen promoted the hell out of her and her song was #1 somewhere, I didn't think she sounded great.  I also have heard the song a million times since and it does get under your skin.  So, it's become a bit catchy, but to win a Grammy over Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Sara Bareilles, and Katy Perry???  And she won two awards.  She needs a makeover desperately, too.  I hate to judge by looks, but she is a teenager and looks old!  Fire her stylist immediately. 

I am one of those.  I will never be over The Beatles ever so to see Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr together was  fantastic.  I admit it.  I am desperate for any glimpse or glimmer of what was the greatest band of all time.  I loved Ringo singing Photograph and didn't realize until later that Peter Frampton was playing along side of him.  I'm old and I love it!  

Best acceptance speech: Jay Z hands down.  But where was JT?  I wish he would've said because Justin Timberlake is always at the music awards show. Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar performed Radioactive and I didn't realize that so much of the song had to be bleep.  I hate that.  I am not a fan of a lot of "bad" words in song.  I'm not. I don't like it no matter who does it.  I think it's unfortunate lyric writing.  So I didn't get into their performance at all.  

Bruno did win best pop vocal album which is so deserved.  The only thing about the Grammys is that I never understand what the categories are, but thrilled that Bruno walked away with a Grammy.  I think that's one of the best albums in years.  Do you think JT knew he wasn't winning so...?

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' song, Same Love, is fantastic.  The lyrics are deep and I am a big fan of Macklemore.  He may be the Bob Dylan of his generation. We shall see.  Queen Latifah came out on stage and they had 30 plus couples getting married right there in the aisle.  It was beautiful, deep, and moving though CBS couldn't go all the way.  The couples right down front were heterosexual couples instead of gay couples who were mixed in.  I would've liked the network and the producers to have not been afraid, particularly since it was during Same Love.  After that great moment, and it was, Madonna came out in a white tuxedo and cane looking really old and scary.  Anybody see Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?  

Okay, a few other magnificent combos:  Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Blake Shelton.  Country music royalty.  Carole King and Sara Bareilles was great.  A torch being passed?  They were beautiful together and you could tell that Sara Bareilles was thrilled to be singing with Carole King. That was a big highlight, but by far the best....Pharell Williams, Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers, and Stevie Wonder.  Only people of a certain age knew the riff to Le Freak, C'est Chic.  It was fantastic.  Stevie was great, the mystery of Daft Punk is intact.  Pharell came out in a different stupid hat.  Musically a great sequence.  

I guess, I'm done on the Grammys. I didn't touch on everything, but these had the most impact on my brain/heart.  Hope you watched and if you didn't, I hope this gave you a glimpse.  

Sidebars:  I hate that Citibank card commercial where the young daughter rushes up and says something like, "Daddy, my friends and I all want to go see Katy Perry, please, please, please."  And then he says, "well, your sister has to go too."  "Yippee."  And the father's adult friend asks to go, too.  Come on, whom are you kidding?  You can't get tickets.  I don't care what card you are using.  Tickets aren't available, so they are selling something so untrue.  I am calling them out on it.  Willie Nelson was featured on Bill Maher's show this past Friday.  He's such a delight and you can still catch the show before Friday.  Jay Leno on 60 Minutes.  Always been a fan, always took his "side," never understood the hate.  It was a good interview.  Seeing Mavis, his wife speak out for the first time was interesting.  Seeing his airplane hangar of vintage cars and motorcycles was something else.  That's what he spends his millions on.  Okay, that's it.  Temperatures in the 30's so I am going out.  Tomorrow 12 degrees.  Ugh!!  

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