Monday, February 3, 2014

Had Me at Hello!

Honestly, people, when I heard that Bruno Mars was going to be the Super Bowl halftime performer, I was in.  I love him, love him, love him. I knew that he'd be a great show and pondered why there were pre-game naysayers?  Had they never seen his awesomeness in person or on television?  Who could deliver a better show? He's a super talent, super cute, the best of all things in America, he's it.  Can you tell I love him?  When they announced that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were joining him, I didn't really care. I have no opinion of them at all. As a matter of fact, it wasn't until they announced them that I found out they liked to perform nude or wear a sock on their penises. So okay, they were part of the lineup. 

It's game night.  It's Super Bowl XLVIII.  Queen Latifah sang America, the Beautiful.  Missed that completely. Next up, Renee Fleming.  I was absolutely disappointed with the pick when they announced she'd be singing the National Anthem.  I thought it would be too "hooty."  Not a huge fan of operatic sopranos, but when she stepped onto MetLife field and the music began....Renee Fleming was gorgeous.  Her singing was thrilling and simple.  She sang the notes and didn't do all those ridiculous runs we have become accustomed to since Whitney Houston sang it years ago.  It really was a beautiful and proud moment.  I was wrong, clearly.  

The game.  Well, anyone who watched the first snap turn into a safety knew things were not going to be normal. The weather was perfection.  The NFL got so lucky on weather.  50 degrees!!  (Today, we are under a winter weather advisory and a snowstorm...again climate change isn't proven). It was downhill for the Denver Broncos from that point on.  Lopsided game from beginning to end.  All I had to look forward to was Bruno Mars at halftime.  That's it.  Even the commercials didn't wow me.

Halftime starring Bruno Mars was without doubt one of the best produced, directed, and performed performances the NFL has ever done.  He was perfection.  I didn't need the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  They didn't detract but I don't think they added much either.  There were fireworks and LED lights everywhere.  Bruno and his guys were live, singing, dancing, and playing their instruments.  A bar has been set.  Who will be able to surpass this performance?  Can't see anyone on the horizon.  He's it!

I can't finish this out without talking about the tragic death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.  I was walking with my daughter through Central Park when I received a tweet from CNN.  I stopped in my tracks.  It took my breath away.  If I'd been home, I probably would've melted in a puddle of tears.  The tragedy is voluminous.  The fact that this incredible actor was sober for 23 years and fell off the wagon a year ago shakes the very ground we walk on.  How shattering this must be for all people that struggle with addiction every day.  23 years??!!  I remember when PSH announced he was going into rehab last year how shocked I was.  It seemed so out of left field.  I'm sure that his friends and family knew how hard he worked to stay sober, but I knew nothing about his addiction.  And an addiction to heroin?  Will we ever know what set him off?  Probably not.  Another life cut short. Devastating.  My heart goes out to his family and friends.  

Sidebars:  Did anyone out there miss Terry Bradshaw on the Fox Super Bowl pre-game, mid-game, post-game shows?  Dear Terry lost his Dad.  His father died at 86 years old.  I wondered why Michael Strahan was doing the Lombardi and MVP presentation.  So sorry Terry Bradshaw.  I will say it again, if you aren't watching Shark Tank and are interested in business, you are missing out.  It is both entertaining and educational.  Friday nights at 9pm on ABC.  So with our snowstorm today, all after school events are cancelled.  It's really coming down.  Can't believe what a difference a day makes.  Governor Christie continues to be in hot water over Bridgegate and other investigations.  Don't know if he can survive all these allegations.  Mayor DiBlasio, let's see how you handle your 3rd snowstorm in a month.  Will you plow Manhattan or won't you?  It's The Bachelor tonight and The Blacklist.  Seriously, if you're not watching James Spader on The Blacklist you are missing out.  (I stand corrected by Dawn Lee Wakefield of, The Blacklist is pre-empted tonight but you can watch episodes on demand until next week).

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