Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day #2

I can't stand it.  I know it's a lose/lose situation.  Hard to make the call as head of a school.  The call came in quite early last night that today would be a snow day.  As happy as the kids are, I am always curious about making it before the first flake drops.  Even parents were thrilled to hear the news.  Here in New York City, the private schools all closed and the public schools remained open.  It's a complicated situation from both school systems.  Private schools do not make up snow days.  They go to school for far fewer days than public schools.  Public schools have built in days or will make up lost days.  Public schools have to by law go to school for a minimum number of days.  In New York, it's 180 days.  They get paid by attendance numbers, too. In private schools...well, you know, the saying..."the more you pay, the less you go."  I find it so frustrating.  In my heart, I am a public school parent.  At my core, I think there should be more school days than less.  I fight the half days and the four day weekends all the time.  I have always felt that private schools cater to the people who have second homes or go skiing to help make their transportation a bit easier.  That's the "rich" clientele being served.  I may be off the mark, but I never think there is a need for a half a school day before a two week vacation.  Anyway, I am getting off topic, really or maybe it's all rolled into one.  

Snow days are happening more and more.  This year we've had two.  The first one wasn't necessary.  The second one that wasn't a snow day, should've been, and then we have today.  Maybe it's the right call.  I love having my kids home and getting caught up on sleep and work.  I just wish that the private school system, which works together but not in lock step, could build in make up days.  If we don't need them, then great, but the fact that there isn't any mechanism, is frustrating. Why can't the private schools agree to contingency plans, if needed? The campus schools have more snow days than we do because travel to them can be far more perilous than the Manhattan schools. The campus schools are on hills in Riverdale, not far but much more challenging in snow and ice to get in and out of safely.  Do they have make up days?  I don't think so.  

Anyway, after listening to Mayor DiBlasio, again, not feeling the love and respect.  I don't know what it is, but there's just something about him.  Trying too hard to be an everyman?  Something inauthentic.  Today his school chancellor declared that it stopped snowing and it's beautiful outside now.  Seriously? No one on the podium even tried to refute that ridiculous, erroneous comment. One reporter called her out to get her to explain; unsatisfactory answer.  Just a dumb response.  It's grey and freezing rain.  Nowhere near beautiful.  The storm isn't over yet.  More snow is coming later.  What will everyone do tomorrow?  It's Valentine's Day.  

Sidebars:  Too sad losing Shirley Temple Black and Sid Caesar.  They both led great lives and gave so much of themselves.  Shirley Temple particularly will live on forever.  Those films she made bring smiles to any face. Sid had an impact on comedy through every generation since Your Show of Shows, but may not be remembered the same way. His influence is pervasive but quiet.  The Olympics are such a snooze.  If you are watching, I'd love to know and what's been good.  I can't stand listening to all the tape delayed faux suspense and excitement and we know the outcome.  It's impossible not to hear results.  You get it on the news, the radio, the computer, tweets, all social media, etc.  If it's worth telling, it's been told by the time NBC airs its delayed programming.  Yawn.  Television programmers have basically handed over the ratings to NBC, at least in primetime.  Nothing on at all.  It's Valentine's Day tomorrow.  If you have a Valentine, great. If not, remember that it is a made up day.  People should love you everyday.  Even when you have a Valentine, it's a tough day.  Stupid expectations that can't be met.  Tomorrow is my 32nd Valentine's Day with my sweetie.  The first one will never be beat.  Enjoy everyone and your long weekend.

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