Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shame on You!

To all of us living in what can only be called the worst winter in the northeast in decades, I feel your pain and gloom right along with you.  WNBC, in particular, can't be happier.  They preempt regular programming constantly to terrify you to stay inside.  Stay off the roads.  It's dangerous out there.  So, what does our new Mayor do?  He keeps the schools open today. Really?  The 1.1 million public school kids have to cautiously commute to school.  Now, for those of you who don't live here, it's not the same as many locations across the country.  Children do not go to the school closest to their home most often.  They hop busses, subways, and walk on icy sidewalks and roads.  What the hell is the Mayor thinking?  As of this date, February 5, 2014, Mayor DiBlasio gets a big F since taking over the reigns from Bloomberg on January 1st.  The choices he's made have not instilled any level of comfort or confidence in his leadership.  He was on Jon Stewart the other night.  I watched to see if he could turn my opinion around, but no.

Now we are faced with our second snow/ice storm in a week.  DiBlasio chose to keep the schools open.  Interestingly enough, the last big storm, private schools didn't follow the public school closings.  Public schools remained open and private schools closed. That time we didn't need to close.  By the time the commute would have begun, the snow had stopped falling. This time, we got the call that our school will follow the public schools.  Big mistake.  The schools should be closed or at the very least, delay the opening.  It's very stressful to get around.  If you are a parent of a young child, it would be completely nerve-wracking to let your child go to school.  What if they couldn't get back because the roads are too bad or the subways have third rail problems.  There should be a checklist and not so iffy.  Al Roker from the Today Show called DiBlasio out on national television this morning.  He said NYC public schools should be closed.  He must have gotten an earful by his producer because he came back and said full disclosure, he has a public school kid.  

Just got a call from a friend. Stuck with her son at Times Square subway station and she wondered if I knew more than the announcements.  Trains aren't running. Frozen tracks.  While on the phone with her, they were asked to leave the station. Now what?  No snow day????  Really???  Two more storms are on the horizon.  Salt is in short supply around the heavily hit winter States.  This has been a catastrophic winter for much of the country. It's only February 5th.

I heard a man from Staten Island on the news yesterday.  They have had serious plowing problems.  He said something so simple.  Why do we have to learn what to do with every snow and every administration?  It should be determined and followed by all.  There's history on snowstorm protocol.  Why is it still a learning curve? 

Sidebars:  I give a standing ovation to CVS who made the decision to stop selling cigarettes at all their stores beginning October 1, 2014.  A fantastic and courageous decision.  It didn't even occur to me the hypocrisy of a pharmacy to be promoting both health and death until Larry J. Merlo, president and CEO, made this declaration. Maybe it's a welcome trend! Bravo!!! Watched The Bachelor the other night.  I thought it was a bit ew-y.  Juan Pablo seems a bit hypocritical too. Why not?  Seems we live in a world of hypocrisy.  The Biggest Loser finale last night is always too long and awe-inspiring.  These people work so hard to take their health back and get into the most incredible shape.  This year is the first year that I thought the winner maybe went too far.  Hoping she will balance out and put on a few pounds.  BUT some of these contestants were unrecognizable from the beginning of the season to the finale.  Very impressive. Reminding you that if you haven't given American Idol a chance, try it, just once.  If for no other reason...Harry Connick, Jr.  Bruno Mars was the highest rated halftime show in history!  To this devotee, no surprise.  Congratulations, Bruno Mars!!!!

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