Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big Thumbs Down

Mayor DiBlasio has been in office for 22 days.  He has "managed" two weather events.  I put manage in quotes because the winter storm that hit NYC this week was so mismanaged, it's unbelievable.  Maybe it's his Chris Christie moment.  The upper east side went to a complete standstill yesterday afternoon for hours.  People couldn't get around, couldn't get out of the city, couldn't move.  Friends had horror stories of ridiculous cab rides to nowhere with hefty meter amounts and still didn't get to their destination.  His campaign consisted of the "tale of two cities."  Maybe this is his payback to the people that didn't support him. Do you understand that we, the people, already are paying upwards of 50% in taxes with federal, state and city all in?  Running on a tax increase isn't a winning sentiment for many voters.  Mostly it doesn't go far because at a certain age, we become realistic, cynical, and pessimistic that anything happens the way our leaders campaign rhetoric goes.  

Mayor DiBlasio, if this is payback, you are wrong.  Whether you think it's fair or not fair that Manhattan gets plowed first, it is necessary.  Manhattan is the hub of this city.  This borough is the economic center of both New York City and the Country. Many people are here on vacation, work, go to school, and live. The island of Manhattan is the heartbeat of this city.  There are bridges and tunnels from top to bottom, east side and west side.  Deliveries need to be made.  We need access.  DiBlasio hasn't given any satisfactory answers.  He treated all five boroughs equal.  That is ridiculous.  It may be noble, but it's not practical.  Misplaced nobility.  He made the public school kids go to school today, but the transportation wasn't running smoothly. Less than 50% of the kids went to school today.  How did that work out, Bill?  

We are only on day 22 of the new Mayor's administration.  There is nothing yet that feels comforting or focussed.  We hear that the Mayor's wife, Chirlane McCray, wants an office and position.  If you want support, you better make her qualifications clear.  No one voted for her.  Oh, Bloomie, I really am missing you.  You definitely had your failings, but you were passionate and foreword thinking.  DiBlasio, I think you are more complicated than you want to appear.  A wolf in sheep's clothing?  I find him very unsettling and he needs to understand that his beliefs or BS has consequences.  And people, no one would be happier to be wrong.  I hope in a year I am singing his praises, but I am not feeling it at all. 

Sidebars:  A friend of mine has made me start watching the Wendy Williams Show.  He knew that I'd given up The View a few years ago and thought I might like her Hot Topics segment.  I must say, he may be right.  She's bright, funny, attractive, and authentic.  It's a one woman The View of yesteryear!  The Biggest Loser makeover episode was last night.  It's always astonishing.  The transformation is unbelievable.  They bring in Tim Gunn for fashion and Ken Pavis for hair.  I don't think Tim Gunn does as good a job as his reputation would lead me to believe.  They look great, but the clothes don't always fit perfectly.  Tonight is American Idol.  If you have tuned it out for awhile, maybe give it another try.  Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban are doing great!  The Polar Vortex is going to be here awhile.  Good luck to the Super Bowl.

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