Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Frozen Tundra 2014

Oh, my goodness.  It is freezing.  It is below normal temperatures in parts of all States except Hawaii.  Seriously?  It's just January 7, 2014 and weather has wreaked havoc on airports, trains, cars, pedestrians, etc. Not to make this political, but anyone noticing the huge temperature swings?  We dropped 50 degrees in a day.  We hit 55 yesterday, today record breaking 5 degrees.  We are not alone but that is little comfort.  If we can't turn to our legislators to help, what are we to do?  It's ridiculous, outrageous, and irresponsible. Pass regulations and laws to err on the side of caution.  Err on the side that scientists may be right to you naysayers,  just in case....

The other group that should be slapped silly...the NFL.  Seriously, Roger Goodell all you hear is how dangerous it is outside and stay in doors. So what does the NFL do?  They schedule the indoor game, Kansas City at Indianapolis first on Saturday, and the outdoor game second...New Orleans at Philadelphia with 18 degree temperatures.  Then not to be outdone, Sunday the first game was San Diego at Cincinnati and the late game was San Francisco at Green Bay where the temperatures were hovering around 3 degrees with -15 wind chill.  The NFL knew far enough in advance that they could've flipped the games for the safety of players and patrons, but no.  The NFL went for ratings bonanzas rather than the well being of all.  Just a disgrace.  Also, so ridiculous that the players had to be macho and not where Under Armour.  Most of the 49ers wore their short sleeves, even though the team travelled with more than 2500 extra pieces of clothing for the game.  So silly.  The 49ers and Packers got over 49million viewers, the most watched show since last year's Super Bowl.  The freezing temperatures definitely boosted those numbers so the NFL and Fox were big recipients of the climate change. 

Sidebars: I got so off course with the football stuff, but honestly, it has been a very tough beginning to 2014.  I am sure that I will ruminate more about that another day.  The highlights since the beginning of the year:  Niners are still in the playoffs, Downton Abbey began its 4th season, new episodes of The Good Wife, Revenge, The Mentalist.  Downton Abbey never disappoints.  Maggie Smith always stellar.  Startlingly moving. The Good Wife is so bizarre and uneven.  WTF? Peter Bogdonavich.  Completely random and nonsensical.  Can't imagine it gets flushed out; just someone's private joke? I can't go without a nod to the 18th season of The Bachelor.  Juan Pablo is perhaps the hottest and nicest Bachelor ever.  Ladies, a tip, don't cry the first night.  When will you learn?  Though I may be able to give it up, it is cherished bonding time with my daughter.  Not many more seasons until college....Before my keypad and fingers freeze in place, I will sign off.  Again, looking forward to many interesting conversations for 2014. Stay tuned.

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