Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I don't think that lap band surgery has worked on Chris Christie.  I think he's eating right through it.  Hope I'm wrong, but....Anyone else hate the series of commercials with James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell? Why, why did they do it?  Why did the ad agency think it was a good campaign.  Who wants to hear James Earl Jones talk like a 12 year old girl?  Ugh.  Already not liking DiBlasio's first, immediate plan.  He wants to stop all horse and carriage rides in NYC.  Okay, I know that animal rights groups are thrilled, but you are taking away a tradition on your first day?  Taking away jobs from the drivers?  If they have to go away, and that's a big if, they should phase it out.  Don't give out new licenses and permits and let the people who already are driving the carriages to keep their jobs.  That would be more humane!!  I already am feeling that soon to be Mayor DiBlasio is going to make me seem like a Republican.  I think he may be too liberal even for me.  Ugh. Happy for Brian Boitano and Robin Roberts "coming out," but didn't everyone already know?  Can't wait for the day it doesn't matter at all, but thought both "announcements"  were odd. Television is concentrating on the big ball drop in Times Square.  I know that I am old, but I can't think of anything worse.  Thirty years ago, maybe, but today?? Forget about it.  Packed in like sardines, no bathrooms, food, or any creature comforts.  Don't even know how anyone at any age can stand for 10 plus hours.  Ugh.  I was there on the periphery New Year's Eve 1980. It was festive, wild and too many drunk people out on the streets, but it was fun because it was new.  You weren't trapped inside perimeters.  Anyway, these are just some straggling thoughts from the past that I wanted to get in before the close of 2013.  I am sure there are more, but I will hold them for next year.

So again, my friends and readers, wishing you and yours a fantastic, hopeful 2014.  Be safe and have fun.  

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