Thursday, December 5, 2013

Silencing Voices

It bothers me that Martin Bashir resigned from MSNBC.  It's not that I don't understand the objectionable comments that put him in hot water, but one disgusting mess up and he's out?  Rush Limbaugh made several disgraceful and offensive statements about Sondra Fluke and he still keeps the airwaves humming.  Why is it that the Left leaning people always take a hit and the Right get away with it. Rush even stands more firmly on his stance and is seldom apologetic.  Martin Bashir made a public apology to the viewers and Sarah Palin but what about the idiotic thing Sarah Palin said that propelled Bashir to say such a disgusting thing?  That gets overlooked.  It's his reaction that takes him down not the "action."  

True for Alec Baldwin too.  He was again a blowhard and made insensitive comments to a paparazzo and lost his job.  I just hate that. Why can't the viewers be the deciding factor?  If everybody hates Alec Baldwin and Martin Bashir and can't forgive them for their idiocy, then the ratings will tank and that is democracy.  The way both these men lost their jobs makes me feel very uncomfortable. 

I also admire the brilliance of the right wing machine.  They are effective and stay on message no matter what.  They back up their own blindly, right or wrong, no matter what.  The left wing has no machine.  The left wing has differing opinions and points of view which makes it very difficult to get anything done.  The talking heads on the right can do or say anything with little consequence.  The left crumbles like a house of cards.  Can't take the heat or the never ending barrage of criticisms.  Just gone, out.  

So, sadly, I think, whether you like Martin Bashir or Alec Baldwin at all, they are gone off MSNBC just like that!  Off the airwaves.  Banished.  Exiled. Over.  The viewers are left without any say.  These aren't the only two that have been shut down, just the most recent examples.  

Ah, sports and the icons we make.  Have you heard of Jameis Winston?  No?  Well, he is the current beloved, winning quarterback for the #1 Florida State Gators.  He is up for a Heisman Trophy for his athletic prowess. Sounds great, right?  Well, he also has been accused of raping a coed a year ago.  The young woman's family has said that no one locally wanted to look into the allegations because no one wants to take down their local football hero.  Her family kept pushing and today the Florida State Attorney will make an announcement at 2pm on ESPN.  I personally want to thank Will Farrell/Ron Burgundy because without his cancelled co-anchor stint being cancelled today, the only people that would know about this story are the people that don't want to hear anything about their Heisman candidate.  Ah, sports.  Winning is all that matters.  Look, do I know what happened the night of the alleged rape.  Absolutely not, but this young woman and her family have not given up.  Common sense says who would do that, if it weren't true?  Does the name Kobe Bryant mean anything to you?  We love our sports stars and to hell with their off the field antics or crimes.  

Sidebars:  Tonight is the live Sound of Music on NBC starring Carrie Underwood.  Did you know?  They have over promo'd this and I hope it's as great as they are thinking it will be at NBC.  Out of the mouths of babes so to speak, we were watching the SNL Christmas special last night.  There was a skit starring Garrett Morris.  My child said, this isn't funny.  I had to laugh because generation after generation know that if Garrett Morris is in the skit, it's not funny.  I don't know why that is.  Maybe the writers in 1985 had no idea how to write comedy for a black man.  We always used his skits for a kitchen or bathroom break.  And so it goes. Go see Philomena starring Dame Judy Dench and Steve Coogan.  He wrote the screenplay. Great movie. Well worth your time and effort.  If Texas and parts of the South get slammed by an ice storm, are they going to ask for Federal assistance?  

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