Monday, January 13, 2014

Bronze Globes

The first awards show of the 2014 season has come and gone.  The Golden Globes my favorite event in all arts awards shows; this season seemed a little lackluster.  I'm not exactly sure why?  Could it be the sewage laden red carpet accident before they started?  Was that foreshadowing of things to come?  First up, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler opening the show with a fantastic dialogue.  They were beautiful, smart, funny, and refreshing.  Okay, great start, right?  Then first award goes to Jennifer Lawrence for best supporting actress for American Hustle.  Love her, love her, love her.  She can do no wrong.  Second, Jacqueline Bisset won for best actress in a mini-series, comedy, series or some such category for Dancing on the Edge on Starz.  Did anyone see it?  Does anyone get Starz?  Clearly, the producers didn't think she'd win.  Took her forever, and in TV time, that's two minutes or more to get to the stage.  It was ridiculous.  Once she got there, she could barely speak between the hike, the nerves, and the drink.  They gave her an unbelievable amount of time and though it was great to see her be honored after a 50 year career, her "speech" was a big fail.  Wanted a big hook and it was only the second award given.  

The producers of the Globes needed to check with the Vegas prognosticators.  Their seating chart was a huge miss this year.  Far too many winners had to maneuver and jog to get to the stage because they were seated so far away.  In all the years of watching, I've never seen or witnessed a worse seating chart for the winners.  They always sit the movie people in front and the television people in the back, but seriously?  Either they are selling too many seats or the event planners have no clue.  It was embarrassing.  

And to continue onto the production failures, never before did they need  somebody on the chyron machine more.  There were far too many female presenters that were not recognizable and if you missed the announcers introduction, you were out of luck.  The women presenters looked all the same, gorgeous, foreign/American, but indistinguishable and needed captions underneath.  There are a lot of actresses that are doing American accents in film and television, when they get on stage with their true voices, who the hell knows who they are?What would it hurt to have a quick chyron underneath as they stand chatting at the mike?  

I'm sure there was a reason Sean Combs was there, but he was tacky and narcissistic.  He came on stage with Usher and a very attractive brunette.  Needed the chyron.  Thrilled about Jon Voight, even though we didn't ever get to finish the season of Ray Donavan because of the Time Warner/CBS dispute.  Jon Voight was the best part of that series.  Couldn't have been happier about Matthew McConaghey and Jared Leto getting the Globe for each of their performances in Dallas Buyers Club.  What incredible performances and a very worthwhile story!  Amy Adams won for American Hustle.  She looked fantastic and though I didn't love the film, I did think the performances were all way above par.  Leonardo DiCaprio truly deserved his win for the "comedy" Wolf of Wall Street.  It's laughable what the Hollywood Foreign Press calls comedy....

The television awards escaped me for the most part.  As much as I watch TV, there are far too many shows using other avenues to air.  It's the future, but I'm not there yet.  Accessing Netlix and Amazon costs money, is not second nature and I'm sure many people can't even do it yet, but it's not slowing down productions.  I missed Breaking Bad.  Tried the first episode or two when it started and couldn't get into it.  Clearly, I missed out because it's the most binged watched series.  I am going to glom onto Brooklyn Nine Nine and see if I can get into that.  What a big night they had with the Andy Samberg win and the best comedy series!  It's easy to access; it's on Fox.  

So, all in all, it was a good night, but definitely not the best Golden Globes show.  If it weren't for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, it would have been a big fail from years past.  There's still time to catch up on all the movies you haven't had time for.  

Sidebars:  Stories to watch for in the sports pages....The Seattle Seahawks intentionally blocking California residences from buying tickets to the Seahwaks/49ers NFC championship game. How is that possible?  How can the NFL tolerate that?  The San Jose Mercury News is all over this story.  California readers, please keep me in the loop.  Figure skating national championships held this weekend to determine who will be representing the USA in Sochi.  For the first time, the skating committee isn't taking the first, second, and third place finishers.  They dumped the third place for the fourth place.  Shocking.  Disgraceful.  Their right for some reason.  Chris Christie has really stepped in it.  There are so many investigations for so many things that this story will keep us going for months. Episodes began last night for its second season.  The Good Wife is without doubt trying my patience and commitment to watching. The Bachelor and The Blacklist tonight.  

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