Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mash Up Number

So many thoughts have been swirling this week.  Some serious, some not.  First off, if I have to hear anymore news people telling us what website the Boston bombers used to build the bomb, I am going to scream!  They keep telling us it is a step by step how to make a bomb site.  Really?  Seriously?? Do they need to tell us everything?  Can't some things be kept quiet for the safety of all of us?  I often think we are told too much.  I am on a need to know.  Maybe there could be a website for those that want all the information. I know that it's the freedom of information act, but seriously?  Why would you tell people how to do anything that can harm people?  Ugh!

On to the FAA and the sequester.  I can't stand everyone in D.C.  They are not serving the people of America, they are serving themselves and a few.  So, this week, TSA workers and air traffic controllers are on furlough schedules.  The first day, New York's LaGuardia airport had plane delays of up to 1 1/2 hours.  Do you hear that D.C.??  We, the people, are being inconvenienced because you can't compromise and negotiate!  We should put all our Congressmen and Senators on commercial flights and delay their flights for hours.  Just keep them locked in their seats on the tarmac for hours.  Our elected officials need to feel the pain that we are feeling. 

Do you realize how incredible it was in Boston that all the different agencies 
( FBI, CIA, Boston PD, Anti-terrorist, Boston Fire Dept., Homeland Security, etc.) worked together?  It seemed as if they checked their normal territorialism at the city gates.  It was sensational and inspiring.  It was moving to see all the people cheering the crime fighters and do gooders at the conclusion of the standoff.  Hear ye, hear ye, we, Americans, would do that for our elected officials if they would just talk, negotiate, compromise. I would help organize a ticker tape parade if they would just do what they were elected to do: talk, negotiate, compromise. Why is that so hard for them to do? They feel the love of the American people if they did their job.  Isn't that ridiculous?

I don't know if you are following the trial of a butcher doctor in Philadelphia, but it is polarizing the pro-life and the pro-choice factions.  It is a murder trial against a doctor who illegally and horrifically performed late term abortions. There were 5 or 6 bad abortions, but they can only charge him with one actual murder, but there were more.  People on the pro-choice side of the argument are horrified by the actions of this "doctor."  There is no other side.  He did heinous crimes.  That has nothing to do with the abortion argument.  Don't let the pro-lifers tell you differently.  Criminal acts are criminal acts.  There is no one on the pro-life side saying good job to the doctor.  This case shouldn't be used for any political arguments.  

Sidebars:  Correction:  Ready For Love pulled by NBC aired again this week. I guess they can't have dead air so....American Idol sucks and they keep talking about Mariah Carey being replaced by Jennifer Lopez.  Really?  Why don't they say it's time for Randy Jackson to go?  He's been saying the same things every single season.  The Voice is still the shining star.  NCIS was shocking this week.  NBA Playoffs continue forever.  If they go the full 7 games, the NBA Championship ends June 20th!  That's ridiculous.  The Bette Midler play opened to rave reviews, I'll Eat You Last. I can't wait to go! Neil Diamond is donating all the royalties made since the Boston bombings to the OneFund which supports the victims. What a great man!  Spring is finally in the air to stay, I think.  The NYC MS Walk is this Sunday. 

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