Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Loss of Innocence, Again

So many thoughts whirling through my head and my heart about the tragedy in Boston yesterday.  Words are cheap but I do think that news reporters were fairly even-handed and tried to correct misinformation quickly as more information was learned.  I have no doubt that the investigators will find who did this murderous and maiming act.  What I want is not to allow the killer or killers be glorified.  Don't give them what they want.  Do not give their names and faces air time or magazine covers.  If we can take the wind out of their sails, maybe we can turn the tide on turning killers into "celebrities."  With all the profilers out there, they must be certain that notoriety is a big angle, though I know no one has taken credit.  I'm sure that whoever is responsible is getting off on all the coverage, indirect attention, and havoc created.  

I hear the news people saying we are in a new era and this is how it will be.  I don't accept that.  Even if it is true, I don't accept it.  When I was a child, we had the assassination of a President, a Reverend/civil rights leader, and a Senator running for President.  Our innocence was ripped away but somehow we healed and the further away from the tragedies, childhood was restored.  Then we had the Vietnam War and the senseless loss of so many young men.  This was far more difficult to recover from because too many people we knew by then had a draft number, fought, were injured, or lost their lives.  It affected all of us up close and personal.  We had the disgraceful resignation by a crooked President.  Even then, years went by and there was distance, perspective. We enjoyed a peaceful existence after awhile.  I thought we would get through the rest of my lifetime without major incidence. 9/11.  Need I say more?  Forever changed.  

With this new devastation, our whole world has been re-rocked.  There are so many large events that are very difficult to keep everyone safe and sound.  Easy if there is one entrance, but with a marathon??? There is no way to keep a 26.2 mile stretch of a city completely protected.  More changes will happen. I can't imagine how right now.  But today, I want to say thank you to all the brave volunteers, medical staff, policemen, firemen, and armed forces that once again went towards the explosion not away from it. 

When we find out who did this, and we will, please let's not give too much attention to the name and face of the person.  It would be the first step to break the infamy chain that the country has so willingly supported.  

Sidebars:  My mind is just swirling with questions and my heart is heavy with the loss of innocence.  I was very happy that The Voice was not pre-empted.  It was definitely needed after 4 hours or more of breaking news. I appreciated that the networks gave us a break.  It's a beautiful Spring day in NYC.  Not a "care" in the world.  There is a lot of mindless programming on tonight.  Check it out.  I am done for now.  Sending healing thoughts.  

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