Thursday, April 18, 2013

Let's Take Back Our Country

When I heard the Tea Partiers shout that over and over again since President Obama stepped into the Oval Office, it made me cringe.  It made me feel that the deep-rooted bigotry and racism was taking on a new form in this country.  Cloaked in rhetoric that was subversive but they got the point across.  The fear of a black man as President made many going insane.  They didn't know what to do with it.  It's as if all the dominoes in a row were kicked up in the air and no reasonableness could be found.  Fear is a huge motivator. Look what's happened with the NRA!  Look what's happened to the spineless Senators!!  Look what happened to the Boston Marathon!!!  Fear causes crazy.  So when the tea partiers started screaming, "let's take back the country," I was alarmed.  Seriously, alarmed.  

Now, though, I know how they feel.  I want us, the reasonable, compromising, American citizens, I want us to take back the country.  I want us to stand up and be heard, be counted.  It is time.  The NRA is loud, rich, and few in comparison to the entire number of citizens.  Even within the membership of the NRA, there are reasonable people.  So why do they have so much power that they control our legislative branches of government?  We need to level the playing field.  If we all stood together, we could raise the money that the NRA poisons our elected officials with and find others to stand up and be counted.  That in the same week that we suffered such a horrific tragedy in Boston, the Senate can not pass reasonable background checks, is insulting, absurd, and painful.  What are we doing?  Those Senators that didn't vote in favor of background checks should be both ashamed and replaced.  If they are that deep into the pocket of the NRA, or any other lobby for that matter, they shouldn't be allowed to be a representative. 

Our government system has become so corrupt that our representatives don't represent the people, but the big lobbying groups.  That is not how our country is supposed to work.  Our Senators and Congressmen are elected by the people but work for the lobbyists.  That is ass backwards and we are paying a deep price for it.  We need a Chinese Wall up around the reps.  Do you realize that many of our elected and appointed officials use their positions for stepping stones to riches? They take jobs in the private sector and make tons of money lobbying Senators and Congressmen.  This process is totally f**ked up.  The only chance we have is to take back our country.  Throw the bums out that are not taking care of the people's business and welfare.  There are far more of "us" than "them."  What do we have to do?  How do we do it?  Do you know?  Any ideas?  

This conversation will not end here. If you haven't read the outstanding editorial by Gabrielle Giffords in the New York Times, click the link:

Sidebars:  Ready for Love sucked me back in the other night.  Terrible, terrible, terrible, but what's worse are the promos.  They are so misleading and manipulative.  That's true for most of the shows.  I also can't stand when you are watching a show in real time, you can't fast forward, and they tell you what you are going to see after the long commercial break.  Don't tell me, just let me see it.  I don't need to keep getting drawn in; I'm already there. The President's speech today at the Boston marathon memorial service was full of piss and vinegar.  He's mad as hell.  If I had one criticism, I was concerned that he said that they picked the wrong city to mess with.  I would have rather him have said that they chose the wrong country not the wrong city.  It may be nitpicking but I am a self professed scaredy cat.  

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