Friday, April 12, 2013

Entertainment Round-up

My week began with fabulous tickets for Kinky Boots.  It had just opened on Broadway and we were so excited to see it.  They were discount tickets, too, that we bought weeks ago.  You know, when things seem too goo to be true....We didn't have great seats.  We had nosebleed seats that were so far away from the stage, that I could've been watching from a blimp.  The seats were so tight that my long-legged husband had to sit sideways.  Not happy, but thought we can always leave.  The play began and it was very entertaining.  Enjoyable. Not revelatory.  At intermission, I had to basically do a 400 yard dash to get to the restroom which was three flights down.  When we re-connected, my very long-legged husband was done.  Sitting sideways made his back was hurt.  I could've stayed, but I didn't feel very compelled and would rather have a leisurely walk home with my man. 

My big complaint is that whether we were sitting in "premium" seats or discount seats, we are all spending hard earned money for entertainment. If the theatre owners are going to continue to pack people in, then maybe they should be compelled to note the legroom.  Airlines do it.  It makes a big difference for some people.  In the "new and improved" Madison Square Garden, one can't cross his/her legs.  Anyway, that was my first theatrical experience this season.  

Tuesday night, I watched Eva Longoria's much promo-ed, Ready For Love.  I really, really wanted to like it, because I'd like Eva Longoria to have a hit, but not so much.  Again, it's two hours when it should be one hour.  It's The Bachelor with some changes, but too dull.  I fear its demise, but hope for Eva's sake that it is successful. I won't be watching, that's for sure. The Voice still is fantastic. 

Wednesday, we went to see Pippin. Now, if you were ever a musical theatre fanatic, Stephen Schwartz' Pippin is one of those scores that singers love.  Never got to see a production. Always heard that the book was very problematic.  We didn't sit together but near each other. The audience went crazy from the first note the orchestra played. I guess there were a lot of musical theatre queens in the audience.  I have no idea what it once was, but this production was stunning.  It took place under a circus tent with fantastic circus performers in the ensemble.  I started with tears streaming down my face with Magic To Do into Corner of the Sky. Andrea Martin was fantastic and stopped the show.  Fantastic.  This was well worth the time, money, and effort.  I would go again, as the four older women sitting behind me said.  They were going to buy more tickets. 

Went to the first screening of 42 today. I love baseball movies.  I basically love all sports movies, but this is a very important story to be told. I think everyone under 30 should see this. There is a generation or two that have no idea what black people went through in this country and with baseball as the's very moving. It is based on the true story of Jackie Robinson's journey breaking the color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Well worth your money and time. 

After that, I watched the much talked about episode of Glee from this week.  I hated it.  They tried to do a school shooting episode, but it is both too soon and too complex to do in 42 minutes.  I didn't like the conclusion and can that really be it?  That show, like American Idol, has definitely jumped the shark.

So, that's my weeks entertainment round-up.  Enjoy your weekend. Don't take anything for granted.

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