Friday, April 5, 2013

Can't Give An Inch

The recent rash of gun violence still doesn't get the NRA to say anything that could be considered reasonable and thoughtful.  The NRA's stance shouted loud and clear since the New Town tragedy is that everyone should be armed and gun control isn't needed at all. They want armed guards at all of our schools to protect the students and teachers.  Can we mull this over a bit?  In recent weeks there have been terrible murders, the D.A. and his wife in Texas (he was allegedly armed), the civilian at Fort Knox (lots of people with guns there), and the Sheriff gunned down in Virginia in front of the courthouse  (armed).  So how is the NRA's fully armed stance doing now?  Not a peep, not a word, nothing.  Wouldn't the NRA have more credibility if they would stand up and re-adjust their unyielding stance? Their argument is empty and they still can't step forward with any shift in position.  

Representative Carolyn Maloney from NYC is trying desperately to keep the fight for Federal gun controls alive.  She's put together a bill and you know what she's gotten for her commitment?  Death threats!!!  How can Wayne LaPierre not step forward from the shadows and denounce such actions???  It's unconscionable.  Can you believe that we may not get any gun legislation to the floor of the Senate or Congress because they are all too chicken and worried about their jobs.  

I don't think that our representatives in D.C. are much better than the NRA.  They are out for themselves and not protecting the people of the USA.  There is an overwhelming majority in this country that approves of new gun legislation.  Our Senators and Congresspeople are too scared to piss off the NRA. They are stripping every bill down to nothing meaningful and now we may not even get a vote on the floor.  It's a disgrace.  These elected officials should all be tossed out and get people that have a spine. It's feeling so bleak.  

I bow down to Governor Molloy of Connecticut for signing into law some of the strictest gun laws that were reached by both Democrats and Republicans. See it can happen, but maybe not on a Federal level.  

The NRA thinks the more guns the safer the country.  We have more guns and more gun violence than any other country in the world.  So how is that BS working? The NRA makes me sick.  They are a bunch of rich bullies  all in the pockets of the gun manufacturers, and, in turn, a large number of our representatives live in fear of losing their own jobs.  

Sidebars:  Honestly, I have so much more to say on this topic because my disappointment in humanity in America  is great.  Self over all.  How christian! I will put it to bed for now, but will address it again. Kudos to Magic and Cookie Johnson for being the parents that Earvin III deserves.  Hope many can take a page out of their playbook.  Shark Tank is on tonight. I am telling you that anyone interested in business or entrepreneurial ship, should be watching.  Heads still rolling at Rutgers. Happy weekend!  Happy Final Four weekend!!!!!!

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